Ingeo PLA filament in 3D printing

Tree Rings

Nature looks at greenhouse gases – atmospheric carbon – as a feedstock, a raw material. It’s what a lot of things in our little corner of the universe are built from, whether that’s trees, plants, or huge structures like coral reefs. At NatureWorks, we like to say that Mother Nature was the first to get into additive manufacturing. Now, using 3D filament made from Ingeo and the right 3D printer, you get to do the same thing.

Use naturally advanced Ingeo based PLA filament and quickly transform carbon that was in the atmosphere contributing to global warming, into durable 3D printed structures that are limited only by your imagination.


PLA filament made from Ingeo demonstrates excellent properties in 3D printing applications.

Temperature in printing Lower is better for safety and control 190-230°C possible, sharp melting behavior 230-250°C
Vapor or odor in printing, EH&S Low or no emissions, smell small particulate Very low emissions & studies show lower particulate count Strong negative odor and higher particulate count
Heated build chamber Ideally not required & IP limits implementation for some users Does not require heated build chamber, but opportunity to leverage Required to avoid warping while mfg. larger parts
Fusing performance Fuses easily, sticks to self and build chamber Good fusing and build platform adhesion Difficult to stick to certain build platforms
Thermal shrinkage Low shrinkage Excellent, low shrink Warps on larger builds

Carbon footprint

Made from the carbon sequestered in plant sugars, Ingeo, by nature, has a very low carbon footprint.

Ingeo 3D Filament Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Check out our new Ingeo 3D supplier guide that directs you to our global partners who make some of the best filament around.

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