Can a t-shirt help change the world?

This isn't just about another t-shirt, pants or a sweater. Our fiber can look like natural cotton or even lustrous techno-performance wear. This natural versatility means the apparel is both beautiful & eco-conscientious since it's made from Ingeo fiber. Because Ingeo is made from plants, not oil, creating this apparel uses 50% less non-renewable energy & results in 75% less greenhouse gases (1).

Choosing apparel made from Ingeo fiber is a step in the right direction, an ingenious way to make a small change for the better. You can help change the world, even it's just one t-shirt at a time.

with eco-friendly benefits
  • Outstanding moisture management properties
  • Outperforms PET fabrics for breathability, comfort & insulation
  • Better UV performance than other synthetics
  • Easy care, quick-dry & no need to iron
  • Hypoallergenic showing no evidence of skin sensitization
  • Natural resistance to staining
  • Low odor retention
Related Ingeo Biopolymer Grades & Technical Information
Technical Data Sheets  Safety Data Sheets 

6201D TDS

6204D TDS

6201D SDS

6204D SDS
Properties Documents  Processing Guides
Engineering Properties of Ingeo Biopolymer

Environmental Stress Cracking Test Results

Solubility of Ingeo Biopolymer in Various Solvents
Bicomponent Staple Fibers
Filament Texturing

Partially Oriented Yarn

Producing Flat Yarn Products

Producing Package Dyed Products

Spinning Fibers
 Fact Sheets
Apparel Product Guidelines
Dyeing & Finishing
Fiber to Fabric

Guidelines for Garment Manufacturing

Insulated Outwear Specifications

Washing & Dry Cleaning Performance
Dyeing & Finishing

Dyeing & Finishing Knitted Goods from Filament Yarns

Dyeing & Finishing Knitted Goods from Spun Yarns

Dyeing & Finishing Woven Fabrics

DyStar Ingeo Coloration Pack

Comparison to Soy & Bamboo Fibers

Fiber & Fabric Properties

Hohenstein Institute Testing

Hohenstein Testing Summary

Odor Release

UV Resistance

Weaving Fiber Fabrics

Yarn Spinning and Fabric Manufacture
Fiber & Yarn
Basic Fiber Properties
Elastic Recoveries of Fibers vs PLA
Fiber Property Summary

Fibers Benchmarking

Ring-Spinning Processing

Sensitivity Study (Regulatory)

Typical Spun Yarn Properties

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