Can changing your mobile phone case make a difference?

You'd be surprised! It's easy to see how today's electronics, media & clever gadgets have revolutionized our everyday lives. One concern, however, is the vast quantity of plastic we use to meet this growing demand. Mobile phone cases, appliances, cosmetics, laptops and other durable goods can now be made with an ingenious nature-based material, Ingeo biopolymer. Since Ingeo plastic is made from plants, not oil, your product is responsible for using 84% less non-renewable energy and producing 62% less greenhouse gases than traditional polymers (1).

Choosing Ingeo plastic is a step in the right direction.  A material with a conscience will help you change the world, even if it's just one electronic case as a time.

with eco-friendly benefits
  • Excellent gloss, transparency & clarity
  • Easy to bend, mold, shape, emboss & print
  • Fits existing systems and performs functionally in composites
  • Excellent form & stiffness
  • Grades designed for impact & heat stability

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New For Durables

Ingeo formulations for durable applications offer impact with superior stiffness & chemical resistance.

Ingeo Durable High Impact Grades Brochure

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