Can a simple plastic film wrap really make a difference?

Yes it can! Unlike the usual wrap, films, labels and laminates made from oil-based materials, Ingeo films are made from plants. By using plants, making Ingeo films uses 50% less non-renewable energy & results in 75% less greenhouse gases than traditional plastics (1). Our films provide performance with a conscience. By choosing this ingenious new film for everything from a sandwich wrap to a label, you can help change the world one even if it's just one tasty snack bag at a time.

with eco-friendly benefits

  • Films for bakery, confections, salads, shrink wrap, bags, envelope windows, laminated coatings and multi-layered performance packaging
  • Excellent gloss, transparency and clarity
  • Exceptional flavor and aroma barrier properties
  • Versatile and easy to transform
  • Works with ease in structured layered performance films
  • Better folding and twist fold capabilities
  • Good printability & easier shrink properties


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Check out what our partners are doing with Ingeo in our latest LookBook.  It features products from Target, Frito-Lay, Stonyfield Farm, Walmart & more!
Ingeo Earth Month 2011 LookBook

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