Can fresh food packaging help change anything?

We think so! Our deli, fruit & food containers look and perform like any other, except these are made from Ingeo natural plastic. Because Ingeo is made from plants, not oil, making these containers produces 75% less greenhouse gases & uses 50% less non-renewable energy than traditional plastics like PET & PS (1).

Unlike conventional fresh food packaging, Ingeo natural plastic is a step in the right direction, a material with a conscience. You can help change the world, even it's just one fruit container at a time.  

Did you know?

with eco-friendly benefits

  • Excellent gloss, transparency & clarity
  • Exceptional flavor & aroma barrier properties
  • Easy to shape, print & emboss
  • Better rigidity which mean packaging can be lighter than ever before
  • Potential for more disposal options than conventional packaging
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