Can plastic dinnerware make a difference?

This isn't about just another set of disposable plastic cups, cutlery and plates. These are made from Ingeo natural plastic, an ingenious new material made from plants not oil. Unlike traditional oil-based materials for dinnerware & to-go packaging, serviceware made with Ingeo biopolymer results in 50% less non-renewable energy and 75% fewer greenhouse gas emissions (1).

Choosing Ingeo plastic for your cups, cutlery, plates & more can help transform our environment even if it's just one cup at a time.

with eco-friendly benefits

  • Excellent gloss, clarity, printability and rigidity
  • Performs in an array of foodservice applications
  • Easy to shape, mold and emboss with excellent form and stiffness
  • Paper coating provides excellent grease, oil and moisture barrier
  • Certified by BPI to meet ASTM 6400 compostability test requirements...excellent for food waste diversion from landfill

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Check out our new supplier guide that directs you to our global partners who make everything from forks to bowls from Ingeo.

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3001D SDS

3052D SDS

3251D SDS

3260HP SDS
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Surface Treatment
Troubleshooting the Ingeo Sheet Extrusion Process

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Reprocessing of Edge & Skeleton Trim
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 Properties Documents
Engineering Properties of Ingeo Biopolymer
Environmental Stress Cracking Test Results
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Case Study

Pirates Logo

Using Ingeo serviceware the Pittsburgh Pirates were able to reach a 65% landfill diversion rate in 2012.

Case studies on teams & venues with similar achievements

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