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Being made from plants, Ingeo biopolymer provides environmental benefits not possible with traditional polymers like PET & PS. Beyond reductions in greenhouse gases & non-renewable energy use, Ingeo biopolymer offers performance benefits as well. Everything from fresh food packaging to apparel to electronic cases can be made using Ingeo grades specifically tailored to each application. Our partners are innovating with Ingeo biopolymer everyday and creating new applications & uses for all the resin grades below.

2 Series
3 Series
Injection Molding
4 Series
Films & Sheet

General purpose transparent extrusion grades.

  • 2003D
  • 2500HP

Designed for injection molding applications, including high heat.

  • 3001D
  • 3052D
  • 3100HP
  • 3251D
  • 3260HP

Designed for use in the production of oriented films, cardstock & graphic arts.

  • 4032D
  • 4043D
  • 4044D
  • 4060D
6 Series
Fibers & Nonwovens
7 Series
ISBM Bottles
8 Series

Designed for fiber processes from mono to multifilament as well as sunbond and meltblown products.

  • 6060D
  • 6100D
  • 6201D
  • 6202D
  • 6252D
  • 6260D
  • 6302D
  • 6361D
  • 6362D
  • 6400D
  • 6752D

Designed for use in injection stretch blow molded (ISBM) bottle applications.

  • 7001D
  • 7032D

Designed for expanded foam sheet.

  • 8052D

10 Series
Binders & Adhesives
3D Series
3D Printing
Lactide Series

Features multi-purpose thermoplastic binder grades.

  • 10361D

Developed for those manufacturing monofilament for use in 3D printers.

  • 3D850
  • 3D860

Designed for use as monomers & chemical intermediates.

  • L100
  • L300
  • L800
  • M700
  • M3002


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