4 Series for Films & Sheet

The 4 series is designed for use in the production of oriented films, cardstock and graphic arts. Ingeo films include usage temperatures ranging from heat sealable films at 175°F (80°C) to oriented films that are stable up to 300°F (150°C). These clear films have excellent optics, good machinability and excellent twist and deadfold. Ingeo films are known for their great barrier to flavor, grease and oil. 


  • 4032D - High heat film
  • 4043D - General purpose film
  • 4044D - Reactive extrusion grade
  • 4060D - Heat seal layer for film


Technical Data Sheets  Safety Data Sheets 
4032D TDS
4032D TDS (film)

4043D TDS

4044D TDS

4060D TDS
4032D SDS

4043D SDS

4044D SDS

4060D SDS
 Fact Sheets  Processing Guides
Additives to Improve Anti-Fog Performance

Cut and Stack Film Labels
Film Dimensional Stability
Film Slitting

Film Surface Treatment

Lidding Solutions: Dairy & Deli Containers

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Printing & Laminating

Production of Ingeo Film on Blown Film Equipment Designed for Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Film

Production of Oriented Ingeo Film on Equipment Designed for Producing Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) Film

Sealing Ingeo Containers with Ingeo Shrink Bands and Preforms

Static Charge Control

Best Practices for Ingeo Processing

Biaxially Oriented Ingeo Film
Crystallizing & Drying of Ingeo Biopolymer
Reprocessing of Edge & Skeleton Trim
Sheet Extrusion
Properties Documents
Engineering Properties of Ingeo Biopolymer

Environmental Stress Cracking Test Results

Solubility of Ingeo Biopolymer in Various Solvents


Specifications for Made to Stock Ingeo Grades

Grade  RV  YI  % Residual Lactide  External Lubricant 
 4032D  4.00 ± 0.10  ≤ 35.0  ≤ 0.30  No
 4043D  4.00 ± 0.10  ≤ 38.0  ≤ 0.30  Yes
 4044D  4.00 ± 0.10  N/A  ≤ 0.30  Yes
 4060D  3.50 ± 0.10  ≤ 40.0  ≤ 0.30  No