7 Series for ISBM Bottles

The 7 series is designed for use in injection stretch blow molded (ISBM) bottle applications, where heat setting is needed. Processes at lower temperatures than PET and can attain good resolution of mold detail on conventional tooling.


  • 7001D - General purpose ISBM bottle grade
  • 7032D - Heat-set ISBM bottle grade
Technical Data Sheets Safety Data Sheets
7001D TDS

7032D TDS
7001D SDS

7032D SDS
Fact Sheets Processing Guides
Additives for Use in Ingeo Bottles
Using Co-Injection and Multilayer Technology for Ingeo Bottles

Designing a Bottle for Water Packaging
Evaluation of Jojoba Oil in Ingeo Bottles

Flavor Preservation in a Bottle
Heat Setting Ingeo Bottles

Multi-Layer Ingeo Bottles

Preform Design for Ingeo Bottles

Thermal Stability of Ingeo Preforms

Transporting & Shipping of Ingeo Bottles

Storage of Ingeo Preforms

Best Practices for Ingeo Processing
Crystallizing & Drying of Ingeo Biopolymer
Ingeo EBM Bottle Guide
Ingeo ISBM Bottle Guide
Recommendations to Transition a Melt Process from an Incumbent Polymer to Ingeo Biopolymer
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Engineering Properties of Ingeo Biopolymer

Environmental Stress Cracking Test Results

Solubility of Ingeo Biopolymer in Various Solvents


Specifications for Made to Stock Ingeo Grades

Grade  RV  YI  % Residual Lactide  External Lubricant 
 7001D  4.00 ± 0.10  ≤ 38.0  ≤ 0.30  Yes
 7032D  4.00 ± 0.10  ≤ 35.0  ≤ 0.30  No

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