Our Vision

We understand that products and packaging made from Ingeo will be landfilled and incinerated at the end of their useful life in the near term – but through future innovation, technology and education we are looking to build a bridge to a better end of life.


  • Maintain a journey to zero waste.
  • Keep Ingeo in any form out of landfills.
  • Recycling for use in the same application or higher use applications whenever possible.
  • Ideally, Ingeo products will be recycled through hydrolysis back to lactic acid, with further processing back to virgin Ingeo resin.
  • Composting is desirable for food contaminated Ingeo packaging, facilitating green waste diversion from a landfill.

As a single entity we cannot do the whole job by ourselves.  NatureWorks LLC is committed to leading by listening and partnering with key stakeholders involved.  As a result of this dialog, industry input and concern about maintaining the existing waste stream infrastructures globally, NatureWorks is actively engaging with the market ahead of large-scale adoption.  This choice to be a responsible biopolymer producer at all points of manufacture and market presence extends to end-of-life solutions.  We will continue to refine and add to programs as the volume of Ingeo biopolymer and biopolymers in general grow around the world.