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December 01-02, 2020
European Bioplastics Conference

Wednesday, December 2nd, NatureWorks' EU Business Development Manager, Eamonn Tighe will present, "From Masks to Tea Bags: Advances in Ingeo Fibres & Nonwovens Drive New Businesses in Filtration Applications” from the BASF Stage.

December 03-03, 2020
Compost Use by Local Government: Policies and Projects (Minnesota Compost Council)

Join the Minnesota Compost Council for a webinar on how to help complete the recycling loop by using more compost in construction and storm water projects. NatureWorks is the Gold Sponsor for this series of webinars.

Time: 2PM - 4PM


   Greg Thompson, City of Eagan
        “Soil management for stormwater volume control”

   Kala Fisher, Solid Waste Manager, City of St. Louis Park
       “Developing City Policy: Organics Use”

   Joe Shamala, Engineer, St. Louis Park
      “Your city can use organics - Coming to a boulevard near you!”

   Chuck Joswiak, Sales and Marketing Director, SET
        “Food for thought - The necessity of organics end use markets”

As cities set up food scraps collection programs, greater quantities of compost are available to be used in projects. There is an urgency to increase markets for quality food waste compost, and municipalities can play an important role by specifying food-derived compost in their projects, closing the recycling loop.

Learn firsthand from city leaders how they developed policies and procedures to use compost on city projects, and learn from city engineers how to select quality compost and successfully use compost in city projects. Our speakers will also cover why it's cost-efficient and effective to use compost on city and county projects.

The presentation will detail procedures and policies two cities implemented to begin using food waste compost and will demonstrate the use, feasibility, and benefits of using food-derived compost in landscaping, watershed and construction projects. 

This webinar will be the first in a series of three.

December 10-10, 2020
Great Coffee without Compromise: Designing High Performance Compostable Coffee Capsules with Ingeo (EU)

Join NatureWorks' Flavio Di Marcotullio and Viviana Conti in this webinar about tailoring Ingeo to make the best and most sustainable coffee capsule.