A new way to better cards with an ingenious Ingeo innovation

RPC and Narboni with NatureWorks LLC launch their responsible and innovative Ingeo™ plastic card concepts in Paris at Cartes 2007

PARIS, 13 November 2007 – Cartes 2007, the world’s largest trade show in digital security and smart card technologies, is hosting more than 480 exhibitors with a full program of 21 seminars addressing smart cards, identity and security issues.

It is the ideal platform for the perfect supply chain combination of raw materials provider, sheet supplier, and final card manufacturer to come together to present a new concept to the market. NatureWorks LLC, RPC - Cobelplast-Montonate and Narboni are presenting this collaboration - a real team effort that aims to transform the shape of plastic cards transactions forever. It is the start of a quiet revolution demonstrating how a strategic joint environmental strategy can drive business effectiveness and get real results with real products.

NatureWorks LLC is the manufacturer of the world’s first commercial bioplastic, Ingeo, an ingenious new material made from plants instead of oil. This material is transformed by two key partners, RPC and Narboni, into a natural plastic card innovation representing a whole generation of natural origin plastic lifestyle innovations currently seen in the market - from more than 20 application assortments with at least 100 commercial partners, selling in more than 70,000 retail outlets worldwide.

These revolutionary Ingeo innovations are uniquely made from NatureWorks® biopolymer, a material at the start of an unique supply chain, produced at commercial scale quantities in Blair, Nebraska, The facitlity is designed to supply this growing bioplastics industry both now and in the future.

Using Ingeo plastic means the card industry and consumers can now choose a card made from plants instead of oil. It is renewably resourced and reduces the environmental footprint normally created by conventional plastics by contributing less greenhouse gases and using less fossil fuels in production. These transaction cards are creating a new category, already distributed widely in the US. This launch in Paris is the first of this kind in Europe and in three simple steps at Cartes 2007 you can discover the positive implications of this new card introduction.

First, a conference hosted by NatureWorks LLC and the other two collaborators, RPC and Narboni, will introduce to the media and market the complete story of responsible innovation, and the key steps each partner fulfills in order to deliver this new product. A joint presentation will be given during the conference entitled “Personalization involving services with added value” on Wednesday, November 14th (from 12 - 12.30 pm). This will be presented by:

  • Mr. Stefano Cavallo, European Marketing Manager - NatureWorks LLC
  • Mrs. Patrizia De Rudi, Business Development Manager - RPC Cobelpalst-Montonate
  • Mr. John Tomczyk, Director of Innovation Narboni- IGH Solutions

The presentation - “Responsible Innovation in Smart Cards and Identifications” - will highlight the partnerships’ success story to date.

Second, visit the ”Innovative Card Design” exposition, an area dedicated to showcasing all the newest and innovative products available on the market including the limited edition Ingeo card.

Third, visit the Narboni and RPC stand (Narboni: booth 3 D 117 – RPC: booth 4 K 121) and explore all the components and production steps needed to create this Ingeo card innovation. Here you will be able to pick up your own Ingeo card made especially for distribution during the show to exhibitors and visitors alike.

Narboni, part of IGH Solutions, has a production capacity of 400 millions of cards per year. These include membership cards, scratch cards, telephone cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, security cards and cards for promotional inserts. Narboni uses truly modern production processes and equipment available for card production, including printing, laminating, cutting, the application of magnetic strips or other security elements such as holograms, special varnishes and inks to combat fraud. Narboni, as a card manufacturer, converts the films produced by RPC, who in turn make their films from NatureWorks® biopolymer. This new Ingeo product will be showcased at the creative gallery along with other natural plastic innovations including a dress made from Ingeo fiber, designed by Franco Francesca.

RPC Montonate, part of RPC Group, is an Italian converter who produces sheet as an intermediate product that is used for many plastics and packaging solutions. The company is planning to join the next Cartes show with its own stand and is using this edition to be part of the launch of this new card.

About NatureWorks

NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low carbon footprint biopolymers, NatureWorks®, derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based packaging materials and fibers.

The new business reality that comes from this invention brings a new meaning on how to do business differently today - to make contemporary goods with a natural origin, to bring performance without compromise and to make products that have a powerful environmental message to the consumer who is looking for a means to make better choices.

NatureWorks LLC, Narboni and RPC: Making Ingeo products for better choices - better for the planet, and so better for the consumer, and for business.


Ingeo and the Ingeo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the USA and other countries.

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