NatureWorks LLC presents the latest Ingeo natural plastic and fiber

TOKYO, December 13, 2007 – NatureWorks LLC will showcase the latest Ingeo™ innovations made uniquely from NatureWorks® biopolymer at the ninth edition of the Eco-Products 2007 Exhibition at “Tokyo Big Sight “ Ariake, Tokyo Japan on December 13-15. As the global leader in the manufacture of commercial biopolymers, NatureWorks LLC is pleased to support its manufacturing partners and brands by presenting a complete commercial assortment of new natural plastic and fiber innovation products now carrying the Ingeo brand name.

The focus of this three days Eco-Product exhibition is to accelerate the expansion of green markets by showcasing environmentally friendly products and services. This event is one of the largest of its kind with more than 550 companies participating and more than 150,000 visitors expected to attend.

It is the perfect platform for likeminded manufacturers seeking to build and communicate their eco-profile and showcase products and services to consumers looking for better choices. The aim of this exhibition matches NatureWorks LLC’s own vision to create the means to make more responsible products. Today, with Ingeo innovations made from NatureWorks biopolymer, we can help transform eco-options from niche to mainstream, providing a whole new generation of natural plastic and fiber products in more that 20 different lifestyle categories from at least 100 commercial partners, selling in more than 70,000 retail outlets worldwide.

NatureWorks LLC will also launch new Ingeo brand campaign rollout to support its partners and products with a message that resonates clearly with retailers and consumers alike.

“The presence here of NatureWorks LLC and its unique Ingeo brand signifies the growing importance for more sustainable options in the market today, a reality we are pleased to recognize matches our LOHAS credo” said Toshi Ide, founder and chairman of Lohas Business Alliance in Japan.

NatureWorks biopolymer uses 65 percent less fossil fuels and produces 80-90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions in its production than conventional polymers. To learn more about the full eco-profile of this revolutionary biopolymer, visit the NatureWorks LLC website at The data shows NatureWorks biopolymer to possess one of the lowest carbon footprints of any commercially available bioplastic, making it a perfect ingredient choice for many plastic based eco-products today.

At the exhibition, you will find many Ingeo innovations presented by our partners at their booths as well as a comprehensive selection at the NatureWorks LLC booth P-18 in the form of an Ingeo Creative Gallery that shows the reality and detail of this fast track market development for clothing, electronics, appliances, personal care, the home, garden and new bio-packaging essentials. These innovative products, all for everyday use, make Ingeo the naturally better brand of choice that’s changing the shape of how we shop and live.

The Ingeo Creative Gallery will display a global selection of the latest Ingeo innovations, commercially available from the following brands and retailers:


  • Asahi Kasei, Green Promax cold drinking cups. (Japan) -Booth 2018
  • B.P. Consulting/Towa Kako for Asean Corp, promotional extrusion coated drinking cups. (Japan)
  • Ben’s Land baby layettes, crochet sweaters, T & polo shirts + fibrefill for pillows, wipes and diapers (China)
  • Dia Foods, egg cartons (Japan)
  • Green Good molded trays and service ware (Hong Kong, China) 
  • Leoplast Bio Stone cosmetic packaging (two compacts and a jar) (Italy) 
  • Lodetex : Italian drapery manufacturer (Italy) 
  • Mitsubishi Plastics packaging range, Cards, Stickers and Labelling (Japan) - Booth 2092 
  • Narboni new card made of Ingeo (France) 
  • Risupak, food container (Japan ) 
  • Sidaplax biofilms for various applications (Belgium) 
  • Suominen nonwoven wipes Biolace (Finland)
  • Toray, casings and moldings for electronics and toys, towels and kitchen sink waste management bags and wide range of Ingeo textile products (Japan) – Booth 2088
  • Unitika, Lamp shades, cell phone casings, towels, packaging and service ware. Important presence of textile products. (Japan) –Booth 2060
  • Wei Mon Industries full service ware ranges for 7-Eleven, Haagen Dazs and MOS Burger (Taiwan)


  • Armani, men’s and women’s fashion brand (Italy)
  • Blue Lake Citrus – Noble Juice bottles made of Ingeo to showcases their fresh fruit juices. (USA)
  • Cargo Cosmetics Plant Love™ lipstick casing. Award winning product for the best eco-friendly packaging in show at the Health Beauty Aids Global Expo. (Canada)
  • Coop Italia Serviceware – disposable cups and plates made from Ingeo (Italy)
  • Del Monte fresh food container (USA) 
  • Ennerev : high quality mattress made of Ingeo (Italy) 
  • Faribault Woollen Mills : blankets made of Ingeo pure or in blends. (USA) 
  • Franco Francesca, Italian fashion brand and designer (Italy) 
  • Fujitsu, high quality durable casings for laptop, cell phone and copier machines (Japan) -Booth 3038 
  • Kei Kagami, avant-garde fashion designer (UK) 
  • Interface, carpet tile (USA) 
  • Linda Loudermilk, eco luxury designer (USA) presenting a range of garments made of Ingeo (USA) 
  • Marks & Spencer fresh food container (UK) 
  • Nadia Fassi : Italian fitness brand using Ingeo in their key woman line. (Italy) 
  • Naturally lowa: container for organic milk (USA) 
  • NEC, Cell phone casings (Japan) –Booth 3015 
  • REI, hiking socks from outdoor sports retailers (USA) 
  • Sole Footbeds, packaging for footbeds (USA) 
  • Sony ,film and blister packaging design , Walkman® casings, parts for cell phones and DVD players (Japan) Booth no 5074 
  • Versace, luxury fashion brand (Italy)

In addition to this commercial demonstration of Ingeo products available today in the market, Snehal Desai, Chief Marketing Officer of NatureWorks LLC, will present , at the seminar of Japan Bio-Plastics Association on Dec 14 emphasizing the key leadership role that Japanese manufacturers have in terms of eco-innovation and also highlight the new joint venture between Cargill and Teijin Limited of Japan.

Teijin is one of Japan’s biggest and leading innovators in the fields of fibers and plastics. The company has invested with Cargill in a 50/50 joint venture in NatureWorks LLC. This alliance confirms the global status and potential for bioplastics in general, and Ingeo natural plastic innovations in particular. “We at NatureWorks have always recognized the significance of the Japanese ethic and position on the world stage in pushing the boundaries for responsible innovation, and are always pleased to support and reinforce our partner’s commitment in this important field.” said Desai.

Other significant partners presenting at Eco Products 2007 are Unitika and Toray , both committed to the development of bioplastics and fibers on a global level across a full range of categories as well as Mitsubishi Plastics with development of biobased products for packaging, cards and electronics applications. NatureWorks LLC recognizes the key role these partners have played in the development of applications using NatureWorks biopolymer : Unitika boasts a wide range of products coming from their partners that include disposable service ware, packaging, electronics, towels and novel light shades for the more responsible home environment ; Toray materials are fueling innovation in electronic and cell phone casings, new packaging solutions as well as fiber applications for home ware in towels and kitchen waste bags.; Mitsubishi Plastics “Ecoloju” brings a variety of NatureWorks biopolymer based solutions from food container and wrappings to bottle labeling, battery packaging, cards, casings and internal parts of electronics products for their partners.

The new business development that comes from this type of innovation brings a new meaning of how to do business differently today making contemporary goods with a natural origin while still bringing performance without compromise and making products that have a powerful environmental message to the consumer looking for better choices.

NatureWorks LLC, Ingeo and its partners : making better contemporary products for everyone. Better for the planet, so better for consumers and business too.

NatureWorks biopolymer is the raw material used uniquely to create Ingeo innovations.

About NatureWorks
NatureWorks LLC is dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low carbon footprint polymers derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with cost and performance that compete with petroleum-based plastics and fibers. The company applies its unique technology to the processing of natural plant sugars to create a proprietary polylactide polymer, which is marketed under the Ingeo brand name.

About Cargill

Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. With 158,000 employees in 66 countries, the company is committed to using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed. For more information, visit

About Teijin

Teijin is a global technology-driven group operating in five main fields: synthetic fibers; films and plastics; pharmaceuticals and home health care; trading and retail; and IT and new products. Teijin Limited is listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges and has a market capitalization of USD 5.2 billion. The company had consolidated sales of USD 8.5 billion in fiscal 2006 and employs approximately 19,000 people worldwide. In line with its brand statement, “Human Chemistry, Human Solutions,” the Teijin Group continues to develop chemical technologies that are friendly to people and the global environment and to provide solutions that deliver real value to customers and society.


Ingeo and the Ingeo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the USA and other countries.

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