Dec 17, 2008

NatureWorks LLC Introduces New Injection Molding Grade of Resin: Ingeo 3251D

New Grade Provides an Innovative, “Green” Solution for Consumer Goods Manufacturers
Dec 10, 2008

より良いライフスタイルに向けて多様な選択肢をもたらす Ingeo製品をエコプロダクツ2008で展示

~ネイチャーワークス社はCO2削減がテーマのエコプロダクツ2008に応える環境に 優しい新しいIngeo™製品を展示します
Dec 10, 2008

Ingeo Innovations Showcase Better Lifestyle Choices at Eco-Products 2008

NatureWorks LLC presents new Ingeo™ low impact products to meet the carbon reduction challenge theme at Eco-Products 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.
Dec 04, 2008

NatureWorks LLC secures resin distribution with PromaPlast Resinas in Mexico

NatureWorks LLC is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with PromaPlast Resinas to distribute NatureWorks products in Mexico.
Dec 04, 2008

NatureWorks LLC asegura nueva distribución con PromaPlast Resinas en México

NatureWorks LLC se complace en anunciar una nueva asociación estratégica de distribución para México con PromaPlast Resinas.
Oct 30, 2008

Ingeo Joins European Bioplastics Conference for the Third Edition

NatureWorks LLC confirms strong commercial status for Ingeo bioplastic and its international brand partners present at the 3rd annual European Bioplastics Conference hosted in Berlin, Germany on November 5th and 6th
Oct 15, 2008

NatureWorks LLC Presents the Latest Ingeo Innovations at BioJapan 2008

Toray, Unitika, and Toyota Tsusho join hands with Ingeo…the reality and prospect of an ingenious and responsible solution in the form of performance plastics & fibers made from plants, not oil.
Oct 15, 2008

Miroglio Group Signs New Ingeo Master Licence Agreement

Miroglio becomes the latest NatureWorks partner to sign a Master License Agreement (MLA) to supply fiber and yarns in Europe and beyond.
Oct 15, 2008

Il Gruppo Miroglio firma un nuovo Accordo di Licenza Generale per la fibra Ingeo

Miroglio è l’ultimo partner in ordine di tempo a firmare un Accordo di Licenza Generale con NatureWorks per la fornitura di fibre e filati in Europa e nel resto del mondo
Oct 14, 2008

NatureWorks Expands Ingeo Resin Distribution

NatureWorks LLC goes for global expansion with new integrated logistics and resin supply with Protea Polymers in South Africa
Oct 03, 2008

NatureWorks Grows Distribution Network for Ingeo into Israel

NatureWorks LLC inks new partnership with Jolybar in Israel for a new integrated logistics and resin distribution
Sep 01, 2008

NatureWorks LLC partners with the RESINEX group to guarantee a new integrated logistics and distribution system for Ingeo resin in Europe

NatureWorks LLC announces new partnership with the Resinex Group in Europe to supply to all European member states of Ingeo™ biopolymer for the packaging and foodservice industries starting September 1, 2008
Sep 01, 2008

Distribution des Polymers Ingeo vereinbart

Partnerschaft zwischen NatureWorks LLC und der RESINEX Gruppe begründet ein neues integriertes Logistik- und Distributionssystem für Ingeo Biokunststoffe in Europa
Sep 01, 2008

La distribution de la résine Ingeo est garantie

Accord de partenariat entre NatureWorks LLC et le groupe RESINEX pour garantir en Europe un nouveau système intégré de distribution et de logistique pour la résine Ingeo
Sep 01, 2008

Garantita la distribuzione della resina Ingeo

Accordo di partnership tra NatureWorks LLC e gruppo RESINEX per garantire in Europa un nuovo sistema integrato di distribuzione e logistica per la resina Ingeo™
Sep 01, 2008

La Distribución de la Resina Ingeo Garantizada

La asociación de NatureWorks LLC con el grupo RESINEX garantizarán un nuevo servicio integrado de logística y distribución para la resina Ingeo™ en Europa
Jul 09, 2008

CL Chemical Fiber Company Signs First Chinese Spunbond Ingeo Master Licence Agreement with NatureWorks LLC

New Chinese spunbond partner joins the expanding NatureWorks group of manufacturers dedicated to meeting the growing eco-aware consumer demand for more responsible lifestyle products.
Jun 03, 2008

With Ingeo Innovations, the Era of Biopolymer Lifestyles is the New Reality Today

Conventional plastics can no longer be the sole option in a world where inconsiderate consumption is increasing the pressure on natural resources and more responsible recovery options.
Jun 26, 2008

NatureWorks LLC Announces Management Change: Marc Verbruggen Named President and CEO

Company Primed for More Growth as Renewable Materials Market Gains Steam
Jun 26, 2008


Jun 03, 2008

NatureWorks LLC Marks the Fourth Annual Ingeo Earth Month

Exhibit and round table discussion demonstrates how "responsible innovation comes to everyday life," including a look through the lens of eco-artist Chris Jordan
Jun 03, 2008

NatureWorks LLC 第4回 Ingeo Earth Month

ネイチャーワークス インジオアースマンスニューヨーク(4/22開催)、パリ(5/22開催)そして東京6/3(火)でファイナルイベント開催! 「Responsible innovation comes to everyday life.’(責任あるライフスタイルイノベーション)」をテーマとした新素材の作品展示とトークショーを実施環境アーティスト、クリス・ジョーダンの作品紹介あり!
Jun 01, 2008

Alviero Firma Ingeo Earth Month 2009

Lo Stilista Viaggiatore Personalizza 365 T-shirt Limited Edition Realizzate in Ingeo™ per la Salvaguardia dell’Ambiente
Jun 01, 2008

Alvierto Endorses Ingeo Earth Month 2009

Top Fashion Designer Customizes 365 Limited Edition Ingeo T-Shirts Signaling His Mission to Help Protect the Environment
May 23, 2008

Fantastic Natural Plastic: Fourth annual Ingeo Earth Month to showcase latest global offerings of ingenious Ingeo innovations

Transforming eco-options from niche to mainstream, from natural plastics and fiber products made from 100% annually renewable resources, not oil, Ingeo innovations will be exhibited at Ingeo Earth Month creative galleries in New York, Paris and Tokyo.
May 21, 2008

Le Mois De La Terre Ingeo 2008 a Paris Le 21 Mai: Une Exposition Ephemere Destinee a L’art, AU Design, a La Mode Lies a La Consommation Durable

Suivie d’une table ronde sur: "L’innovation responsable facilement accessible au quotidien"
May 18, 2008

Ingeo Innovations - Building Bridges to a Greener Foodservice Future at the National Restaurant Show

NatureWorks showcases its partner’s Ingeo™ natural plastic serviceware and packaging at the 2008 NRA in Chicago
May 02, 2008

Coffee and Ingeo innovations join together at the Specialty Coffee Association of America annual conference

NatureWorks partners work hand in hand to deliver a more responsible coffee experience to their customers May 2-5, 2008, in Minneapolis, USA.
May 01, 2008

Biopolymer leader NatureWorks LLC responds to customers needs

NatureWorks LLC is hosting the highly anticipated Innovation Takes Root, the first-of-its-kind international technical conference, focusing on biopolymer polylactide (PLA).
Apr 25, 2008

Ingeo Earth Month Launches in New York

Ingeo™ Earth Month launches in New York with a creative gallery hosted by Elettra Wiedeman, showcasing sustainable art, design, eco-fashion, and a round table discussion on how responsible innovation comes to everyday life.
Apr 24, 2008

Ingeo Innovations Go Full Circle at Interpack

NatureWorks LLC and Ingeo™ bioplastic packaging innovations working together to provide balanced environmental solutions for the 21st Century.
Apr 15, 2008

Ingeo: the natural selection for nonwovens

Ingeo™ Partners present a full range of innovative nonwoven products at Index, April 15-18, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
Apr 11, 2008

I prodotti Ingeo presenti alla fiera "Fa’ la cosa giusta"

NatureWorks LLC presenta i nuovi prodotti “responsabili” creati con il biopolimero NatureWorks® in Milano, 11-13 aprile 2008 - Padiglione 7, stand AB01
Apr 06, 2008

A better choice of cards with Ingeo innovations at ICMA 2008

Industry leading suppliers and manufacturers in cards production, partner with NatureWorks LLC at the 2008 ICMA Card Manufacturing and Personalization Expo in Orlando, Florida, April 6-9
Feb 15, 2008

Ingeo packaging debuts at Interpack

NatureWorks LLC to present Ingeo™ bioplastic packaging made uniquely from NatureWorks® biopolymer from April 24-30 2008, Düsseldorf, Germany
Feb 07, 2008

Fresh fruit futures: Fresh fruit packaging is renewed with Ingeo innovations at Fruit Logistica

ILIP, INFIA, Prim’Co Sas and Van der Windt Verpakking BV showcase Ingeo™ Innovations at Fruit Logistica Berlin, February 7-9, 2008
Feb 07, 2008

Fresh Fruit Futures: Frischobst-Packaging erneuert sich mit Ingeo Innovationen auf der Fruit Logistica

ILIP, INFIA, Prim’Co Sas und Van der Windt Verpakking BV zeigen Ingeo™ Innovationen auf der Fruit Logistica Berlin, 7-9 Februar 2008
Jan 12, 2008

Sommer Needlepunch Co, debuts its new, vibrant Ingeo innovation

Sommer Needlepunch Co, debuts its new, vibrant Ingeo™ innovation, Ecopunch® tradeshow carpet range at premiere flooring exhibition
Jan 12, 2008

Sommer Needlepunch Co debütiert auf führender Bodenbelagsausstellung mit ihrer dynamischen Ingeo Innovation, Ecopunch®, dem Fachmesse-Teppichsortiment

Ingeo™ Innovations-Launch des Bodenbelags für Veranstaltungen Domotex, 12.-15. Januar, in Hannover, Deutschland
Jan 09, 2008

Ingeo fiber shapes hometextile innovation with a new brand application

NatureWorks LLC, the global leader in commercial biopolymers, will be present throughout the world-renowned Heimtextil interiors trade show thanks to the creativity of its participating partners who will be exhibiting their own range of Ingeo™ fiber innovations.