NatureWorks LLC Presents the Latest Ingeo Innovations at BioJapan 2008

Toray, Unitika, and Toyota Tsusho join hands with Ingeo…the reality and prospect of an ingenious and responsible solution in the form of performance plastics & fibers made from plants, not oil.

YOKOHAMA, Japan, October 15, 2008 – At BioJapan 2008, NatureWorks LLC along with key partners Unitika, Toray and Toyota Tsusho will showcase a comprehensive selection of Ingeo innovations at the Bio-Plastics Zone. At NatureWorks LLC booth (P-001), you will find the Ingeo™ jacket made by Toray for the Hokkaido Toyako G8 Summit, Ingeo soled children’s shoes by MoonStar, noodle cups from Acecook, and the Hyatt Hotel keycard, as well as other products ranging from apparel to home textiles, durable goods, non-wovens for personal and home/garden use, food serviceware, gift transaction cards and fresh food packaging.

NatureWorks LLC manufactures a family of commercially available, low carbon footprint Ingeo natural plastic materials derived from 100 percent annually renewable plant resources not oil, and with cost and performance benefits that compete with conventional petroleum-based plastics and fibers. With the critical issues of global warming, rising oil prices and limited natural resources, accelerating the utilization of biomass-based plastics has become a driving force for the industry. Joining BioJapan 2008 is the next step taken by NatureWorks LLC to promote responsible innovation following the success of the Ingeo Earth Month event held in Tokyo on June 3 this year. Japan was the first market in which NatureWorks LLC launched Ingeo, in recognition of the country’s innovation leadership, and eco-savvy consumer base.

NatureWorks LLC President and Chief Executive Officer, Marc Verbruggen, is a keynote speaker at BioJapan 2008 World Business Forum – a high-profile bio-technology trade fair at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. October 15-17. Mr. Verbruggen will talk about the “Bioplastics Challenges Today, Growing Towards the Future”. NatureWorks LLC, based in Minnetonka, US, is the world’s leading producer of performance bioplastics. NatureWorks’ Ingeo natural plastics, made from plants and not fossil fuels, is one solution to the world’s energy, natural resource and environmental challenges which today’s market demands.

Mr. Verbruggen notes that “creativity, commitment and innovation are essential if we want to conquer these challenges today while still meeting the needs for safe, reliable and affordable materials”. He further explain: “to succeed, we focus on three dimensions: First, that the products perform and function as well as any competing products at competitive costs, whether it is a plastic or fiber-based application. Second, that the products are desirable; they have to look and feel good, and appeal to our natural and emotional needs as humans for attractive and appropriate products in our everyday lives. And while doing all that, they also have to be better for the environment, be more responsible both in terms of how they are made, what they are made form, and where they go at the end of their useful life”.

The focus of this three-day BioJapan exhibition is to promote innovation and accelerate the expansion of bio-industry by showcasing the latest technology and developments in the industry and facilitating global business networking. It is the perfect platform for likeminded manufacturers pursuing the sustainable development and responsible solution for the industry and society.

Ingeo product innovations are further highlighted at BioJapan 2008 via admission badges which utilize Ingeo lanyards, with Toray’s Ingeo fiber based carpet used in the exhibition hall , and with Ingeo cups and plates provided by GreenGood Eco-Tech used at Bio-Japan 2008 Happy Hour gathering. It signifies the growing importance for more sustainable options in the market today; a reality that pairs well with the vision of NatureWorks, and the reason that Ingeo innovations are found around the world today on more than 70,000 store shelves and offer a real choice for the consumers.

Ingeo biopolymer uses 65 percent less fossil fuels and produces 80-90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions in its production than conventional polymers. To learn more about the full eco-profile of this revolutionary biopolymer, visit the NatureWorks LLC website at The data shows Ingeo to possess one of the lowest carbon footprints of any commercially available bioplastic, making it a perfect ingredient choice for many plastic-based eco-products today.

NatureWorks LLC, Ingeo and its partners making better contemporary products for everyone. Better for the planet, so better for consumers and business too.

About NatureWorks

NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low-carbon footprint biopolymers derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based plastics and fibers. The production of these biopolymers uses less fossil fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases than conventional polymers. The company applies its proprietary technology to process natural plant sugars to make Ingeo biopolymer, which is then used uniquely to make and market finished products under the Ingeo brand name. NatureWorks LLC is a joint venture between Cargill in the US and Teijin Limited of Japan. For more information, visit


Ingeo - ingenious innovations made from plants, not oil.

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