Ingeo Innovations - Building Bridges to a Greener Foodservice Future at the National Restaurant Show

NatureWorks showcases its partner’s Ingeo™ natural plastic serviceware and packaging at the 2008 NRA in Chicago

MINNETONKA, Minn., May 18, 2008 – NatureWorks LLC will be presenting a full range of Ingeo bio-innovation products at this year’s National Restaurant Association show, highlighting and promoting some of our leading manufacturing partners in the food serviceware and packaging industry. These include Fabri-Kal, Ecospan, Green Good, Innoware, International Paper, Pack and Proper, Sabert, Asean Corp, Stream Source, and Wilkinson Industries and others - all offering a new levels of convenience, design, freshness and responsibility with their Ingeo natural plastic products for the food service and catering industries.

“Ingeo is proving itself successful in a wide range of commercial innovations.” says Rich Mills, Western Regional Sales Manager, NatureWorks LLC, adding “Today you can find a unique and diverse range of finished consumer lifestyle goods that bridge both plastics and fiber categories, fueling innovation and spearheading a whole raft of creativity across a wide range of products beyond service ware and packaging.”

When you visit the NatureWorks booth, number 283 in the South Hall at McCormick Place, you will be able to see how Ingeo plastic is the foundation for creating a variety of innovative products that can help foodservice operators go greener with their operations. Ingeo innovations that will be featured include:

  • Fabri-Kal Greenware® cups made from Ingeo are a line of crystal clear, American-made premium cold drink cups and lids manufactured from NatureWorks® biopolymer, a resin currently derived entirely from corn. Ranging in sizes from 7 to 24 ounces, Greenware products are a sustainable solution in foodservice packaging. Sturdy and stylish, Greenware cups feature a rolled rim for drinking comfort and leak-resistant lid application.
  • Ecospan Stadium-Cups are made from Ingeo. The Ecospan Stadium-Cup is a reusable injection molded cup processed using specially designed molds. The Stadium-Cup is currently safe for cold beverage use only and is available in 12-oz, 16-oz, 22-oz, and 32-oz sizes.
  • Green Good featuring there line of high heat service ware based on Ingeo – applicable for microwave applications as well as complete line of clear grab and go packaging and serviceware.
  • Innoware and its Eco-Line Expressions design line, a two-piece, square natural plastic food container made in 3 sizes with both solid and clear embossed lids.
  • International Paper with its Ecotainer™ cups range introduced in 2007 as the first fully compostable hot cup for foodservice and coffee operations.
  • Pack & Proper produces a high quality line of clear, transparent grab and go packaging and serviceware all made from Ingeo. Ranging from sushi trays to sandwich punnets to tableware, Pack & Proper can provide a full range of Ingeo-based products for all ranges of foodservice operators.
  • Sabert who 2 years ago introduced Terra Pac, a full line single-serve containers and bowls range now made from Ingeo natural plastic.
  • Asean Corporation offers both the Planet Plus® line of paper hot cups and soup containers lined with a thin coating of Ingeo biopolymer that prevents them from leaking. The Jaya™ line consists of clear cold drink cups and lids, drinking straws and cutlery.
  • Stream Source is showing not only its high end plastic cutlery, but also a line of re-useable airline service ware with high quality gloss, design and performance.
  • Wilkinson Industries is showing their Ingeo innovation products for single servings, salads, fresh cuts and compartmented trays for the best eco-friendly options for school food service operators.

Through the production of the biopolymer used to make these Ingeo plastic, the process uses 65 percent less fossil fuels and produces 80-90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than the manufacturing of conventional petroleum based plastics. It is a tangible catalyst for the development of lower carbon footprint products across a wide range of consumer lifestyle goods.

NatureWorks is committed to supporting these partners’ research, investment and products through the Ingeo brand, demonstrated by the launch of the 4th edition of the Ingeo Earth Month which began April 22nd and runs through to June 5th. The event is hosting a series of events, exhibitions, round table discussions and commercial sales platforms, confirming Ingeo is an alternative lifestyle reality that is now selling in more than 20 product application categories produced by over 100 commercial partners in as many as 70,000 retail outlets worldwide.

This confirms there is a new dynamic business development derived from these new Ingeo innovations. This development brings a new, straightforward meaning of how to do business differently. Making contemporary goods with a natural origin, bringing performance without compromise and making products that have a powerful environmental message to consumers looking for better and more satisfying choices.

NatureWorks LLC, its partners and Ingeo: making contemporary products for everyone to make better, more balanced choices. Better for the planet, so better for business, consumers and ultimately better at providing the best options for disposal, recovery and re-use of our precious resources today and tomorrow.

Full details of participating partners, their products and details of the event program will be available at

Ingeo innovations are made uniquely from NatureWorks® biopolymer.

About NatureWorks

NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low-carbon footprint biopolymers derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based plastics and fibers. The production of these biopolymers uses less fossil fuel and emits fewer green-house gases than conventional polymers. The company applies its proprietary technology to process natural plant sugars to make NatureWorks® biopolymer, which is then used uniquely to make and market finished products under the Ingeo brand name. NatureWorks LLC is a joint venture between Cargill in the US and Teijin Limited of Japan. For more information, visit

Ingeo, ingenious materials made from plants not oil.
Ingeo and the Ingeo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the USA and other countries.

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