The Ingeo Innovation Gallery puts the spotlight on the latest in low-carbon footprint consumer products

Yesterday’s greenhouse gas transformed into today’s consumer products

MINNETONKA, Minn., December 3, 2010 – The NatureWorks Ingeo Innovation Gallery on display at Climate Action’s COP16 opening reception showcases a selection of commercially available, low carbon footprint, Ingeo products produced by key international brands Avianca, Electrolux, Henkel, NEC, Shiseido, Stonyfield, and Walmart.

NatureWorks’ Ingeo biopolymer – made from plants not oil – is the market-leading material amongst a new generation of fibers and plastics for use in a wide variety of applications. The production of Ingeo biopolymer uses less fossil fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases than conventional polymers, making it possible to create everyday consumer items that are better for the planet. As an example, NatureWorks estimates for those products on display in Cancun alone, the aggregated environmental benefit from their actual use in 2010 could exceed 12 million kilowatt hours in energy savings, and 16.8 million pounds in greenhouse gases.

“The real innovation here is that these products have been made by literally transforming the carbon that was in the atmosphere contributing to global warming, into the very backbone of these everyday products,” explains David McConnell, CEO, Climate Action. “These tangible products turn what is for many an abstract discussion about climate policy into a set of concrete choices that consumers can make in their everyday purchase decisions.”

The Ingeo Innovation Gallery represents a small portion of the real-market applications for the innovative biopolymer engineered by NatureWorks. A COP16 special edition Ingeo LookBook illustrates the breadth and increasingly mainstream nature of low carbon footprint products now available to the consumer, with new products spanning multiple industries and categories, including packaging, electronics, clothing, house wares, health and personal care, semi-durable products, and the foodservice industry.

Ingeo products will also be in use at the COP16 Climate Change Conference itself, with Colorado-based Eco-Products® single-use food service ware exclusively used in the food court serving delegates and guests for the duration of the event. As part of the newly launched Environmental Leadership for Competitiveness program, the conference purchased 100 percent renewable Ingeo-lined World Art™ coffee cups, clear GreenStripe® cold cups, straws, hinged take-out containers and deli containers for use by all food providers. This activity is aimed at helping to reach the conference goal of avoiding the consumption of 200,000m3 of water and the release of 4,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Ingeo Innovation Gallery Participating Brands
Ingeo Innovation Gallery participating companies will be presenting a recent everyday use product engineered for sustainability and performance, including:

In Flight Cold Drink Cups, Avianca
Colombian-based airline Avianca, with a history of over 90 years, was the first commercial airline founded in the Americas and the second in the world. Today, Avianca remains committed to providing safe, friendly, timely and agile service, and its goal is to become the leading Latin American Airline. 

Now, both in-flight and in their lounges, all of Avianca’s passengers enjoy cold drinks served from attractive Ingeo cups that are not only colorful with a range of designs, but also made from the earth with CO2 emissions considerably lower than cups made from traditional plastics. Avianca collects the cups after use, returning them to the earth by composting at the Colombian Environmental Control Center’s industrial composting facility.

s-bag® GREEN, Electrolux
s-bag is a high-tech innovation and the first dust bag in the world using Ingeo.  s-bag GREEN is made from completely renewable sources, with Ingeo fibers from plants not oil, natural rubber, and recycled cardboard. Forty-two percent less petroleum is being used in the production and the amount of greenhouse gases generated is 32 percent lower. s-bag GREEN has up to 50 percent longer lifespan than paper dust bags and is TÜV certified.

Pritt ECOmfort Correction Roller, Henkel
The latest innovation to its Correction Roller assortment is the high performance Pritt ECOmfort Correction roller. The solvent-free correction roller is the first in the world with a shell made from 89 percent Ingeo.  Switching the annual production of the roller to a renewable plastic source will save the equivalent of 21,400 liters (5,600 gallons) of gasoline, reducing greenhouse gases equal to driving a car 286,400 kilometers (178,000 miles).

“Nucycle”, NEC
The “Nucycle” plant based formulation illustrates the NEC Group’s unique material development technology and capabilities. Nucycle significantly expands the application of Ingeo PLA bioplastics into products where performance features such as durability, safety, and high levels of flame retardancy are of paramount importance. Life cycle analysis (LCA) demonstrates that “Nucycle”, with high Ingeo bio content (75%~ plant based) offers significant carbon footprint reduction, lowering CO2 emissions ~ 50% compared to the petroleum-based polycarbonate/ABS blends used in the past.

Urara Personal Care, Shiseido
Shiseido, a major Japanese and international cosmetics company, launched last year in China its URARA branded shampoo, conditioner, body soap and other personal care products packaged in new Ingeo natural plastic bottles. The URARA branded products are now available at more than 3,500 retail locations throughout China. Chinese consumers are increasingly focused on products and manufacturing activities that are more environmentally sustainable. Shiseido has seen Chinese consumers respond favorably to the new bottle, which is 51 percent Ingeo natural plastic resin in composition.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Multipack Cups, Stonyfield Farm
Global organic yogurt leader Stonyfield Farm has replaced all of its petroleum-based multipack yogurt cups with cups made from plant-based Ingeo. A first for the dairy industry, these cups reduce the package’s greenhouse gas emissions by 48 percent. This means that by using Ingeo instead of polystyrene for their multipacks, Stonyfield reduces its carbon footprint by 1,875 metric tons of CO2 a year. That’s equal to the CO2 emissions from 4,360 barrels of oil, or the greenhouse gases from the energy used in 160 homes for an entire year. In fact, this one change in packaging reduces the total global warming impact of Stonyfield’s packaging by 9 percent. According to Stonyfield, if all dairy companies in the United States follow suit and replace their polystyrene containers with these plant-based plastics, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 671,234 metric tons a year. That’s equal to the emissions from 1.5 million barrels of oil. Stonyfield would like to see that happen, and has made its sustainable packaging research available to any other company that wants it at

Marketside Produce Packaging, Walmart
Walmart has chosen plant-based Ingeo natural packaging to complement their fresh Marketside organic salads, salsas, and bagged spinach. Also, look for Ingeo packaging in the produce section for fresh cut fruit, vegetables, and tomatoes. Ingeo based gift cards are also available at Sam’s Club stores.  NatureWorks estimates that by using Ingeo instead of PET, Walmart Stores in 2010 has achieved a savings in fossil fuel usage of 25,971 barrels of oil per year, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equal to eliminating the CO2 emissions from driving a car 20,885,635 miles.

COP16 Cancun
COP16 will be held in Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December 2010.  Ministers and officials from over 200 countries are expected to take part, with additional participants from a large number of additional non-governmental organizations.

About NatureWorks
NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available, low-carbon footprint Ingeo biopolymers derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based plastics and fibers. For more information, visit
Climate Action

Since the Conference of Parties in Bali (COP-13), Climate Action, in partnership with UNEP has been the essential platform for governments, industry, international opinion leaders, distinguished academics, and environmentalists to develop the business case for sustainable development and carbon neutrality. It is a multimedia platform and global forum that provides concrete steps that governments and businesses can take to reduce carbon footprints through ongoing dialogue and dedicated actions. With key editorial briefing and special reports from academics and leading figures on global climate change issues, it is an invaluable source of information for green issues.


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