NatureWorks Partners with Plasticity Rio ’12 Amidst United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit Events

Ingeo part of "A Big Conversation on the Future of Plastic" organized by the NGO Ocean Recovery Alliance and Partners in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 21, 2012

MINNETONKA, Minn., June 13, 2012 – NatureWorks, the world's leading supplier of biopolymers with Ingeo™ plastics and fibers made 100 percent from plants, not oil, joins onstage at Plasticity Rio '12 with some of the world's leading decision makers and innovators to put bioplastics on the UN agenda. Plasticity Rio '12 is the only event at, or alongside, the UN Rio+20 Earth Summit to focus entirely on plastic, the future of this material, and where the industry leaders are heading.

The Plasticity Rio '12 forum will showcase pioneering efforts related to plastic, including new initiatives in design, packaging, use, recovery, and reuse. Described as "an international exploration into the future of plastics," Plasticity is organized by groups from the public and private sector, including Hong Kong/California based non-governmental organization Ocean Recovery Alliance, and is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities, and by leading innovators, including Google, the Clinton Foundation, and Business for the Environment (B4E).

"With the world's plastic production growing at over 8 percent per year for the last 20 years and the world's waste management, and recycling infrastructure trying to keep pace, Plasticity Rio '12 is a critical event coming at an important time," explains Doug Woodring, founder of the Ocean Recovery Alliance. "We believe that it's vital to reassess where plastics come from, and where plastics go when we're done with the them, and that is why we're interested in having a real discussion on bioplastics – with the opportunities, the obstacles, and the progress, all discussed in detail with NatureWorks at the forum."

Woodring describes the forum as presenting forward-thinking, solution-based products, processes, and case studies that are replicable, scalable, and applicable throughout the world. Presenting the global bioplastics viewpoint, NatureWorks' Steve Davies, director of corporate communications and public affairs, will illustrate, with Ingeo case studies from consumer markets around the globe, how brands large and small have rethought plastics with a bioplastics cradle-to-cradle viewpoint, offering a frank discussion on what's working, what's not, and what is needed for optimum lifecycle practices. Davies said, "As the first in the bioplastics market with Ingeo almost 10 years ago, we were excited to be invited to join the discussion at Plasticity. The energy and solutions oriented approach that the forum brings is exactly what's needed."

Plasticity Rio '12 is being held in the same city and at the same time as the Rio+20 UN event because of the high concentration of policy leaders, business executives, and decision makers who will attend this event as part of the global community that is working on environmental issues. Major points from the Plasticity forum will be brought before delegates to the Rio+20 conference.

More than 100 leading consumer brands and retailers in the United States, Europe, and Asia currently offer Ingeo based product innovations in such categories as flexible and rigid packaging, food service-ware, durable consumer products, apparel, home textiles, and personal care and hygiene products. Ingeo products highlighted in partnership with Climate Action at the UN's COP-17 climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, showcased a selection of commercially available, low-carbon-footprint Ingeo products produced by such international brands as Danone, Electrolux, Henkel, LG Hausys, Stonyfield, Walmart, and Target. These products and more are expected to be among the case studies discussed at Plasticity Rio'12.

The Ingeo Lookbook illustrates a small sample of the hundreds of brands using Ingeo in everyday consumer products. Follow NatureWorks on Twitter (@natureworksllc) for the latest updates and visit

About NatureWorks

NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world's needs today without compromising the earth's ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available, low-carbon-footprint Ingeo™ biopolymers derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based plastics and fibers, and provide brand owners' new cradle-to-cradle options after the use of their products. NatureWorks is privately owned by Cargill Inc., and PTT Global Chemicals, Thailand's largest chemical producer. For more information on NatureWorks and Ingeo visit

About Plasticity Rio '12

Plasticity Rio '12 is a full one-day conference designed to inspire, excite, and help move the world to follow the innovative leaders who use plastic in new ways, with new solutions, helping to reduce the impact that plastic has on the environment, and fueling a re-imagining of the future of plastics through a program of keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions.

The creative one-day event is supported by leading innovators such as United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Google, the Clinton Foundation, and Business for the Environment (B4E). Organizing partners include The Ocean Recovery Alliance, Republic of Everyone, and Applied Brilliance. Attendees of the forum come from wide-ranging sectors, including textiles, retailers, manufacturers, recyclers, design and packaging, waste-to-fuel companies and bio-plastic producers. For more information on Plasticity Rio ‘12 go to @plasticityforum

About The Ocean Recovery Alliance

The focus of the Ocean Recovery Alliance is to bring together new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity, and collaborations in order to introduce innovative projects and initiatives that will help improve our ocean environment. This includes creating business opportunities for local communities, when applicable, in order to address some of the pressing issues that our ocean faces today.

The Ocean Recovery Alliance is a 501c3 registered non-profit in California, and is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong. The Ocean Recovery Alliance strives to take a lead with a variety of existing stakeholders, leveraging each of their qualities and institutional capacities when needed, while combining forces with the business and technology sectors in ways that have not been done before. @oceanrecov

About Republic of Everyone

Republic of Everyone is a group of leading sustainability strategists and communicators. Whether through sustainability, corporate social responsibility, or green marketing, they help business become corporate heroes and find better ways for NGOs and government to create social change.

About Applied Brilliance

Applied Brilliance LLC, offers consulting services to promote innovation and creativity in companies and organizations seeking effective ways to convey to their customers, employees, and other stakeholders how emerging trends and major cultural shifts affect their businesses. Using a holistic, systems-thinking approach, Applied Brilliance provides actionable content looking in from outside of an industry by applying the brilliance of a range of experts who solve problems with fresh perspectives and collaborative insights. Applied Brilliance produces customized events, leadership training, and professional experiences designed as live theater performances that inspire, inform, confound, provoke, and transform its participants. Applied Brilliance was founded and is led by Deborah Patton, Executive Director.


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