NatureWorks Ingeo Eco-Innovation Lounge Zeroes in on Waste at 2012 Green Sports Alliance Summit in Seattle

Third-party experts including suppliers Stalkmarket, Fabri-Kal and International Paper, sports teams, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Pittsburgh Pirates, and leading composter AgRecycle display what it takes to get to zero waste sports facilities

MINNETONKA, Minn., August, 29, 2012  --  To support the Green Sports Alliance nonprofit's mission of helping sports teams, venues, and leagues enhance their environmental performance, NatureWorks has created an Ingeo™ Eco-Innovation Lounge for the Alliance's 2nd annual summit in Seattle, Sept. 5-7.

The lounge will not only feature the latest innovations in low-carbon footprint Ingeo based products, but will also have third-party experts available to discuss the latest strategies and best practices for improving overall sustainability with summit attendees. A special emphasis of the third-party experts will be on strategies for moving toward "zero waste" at sports venues, an issue where these experts can point to a number of current success stories.

Ingeo is the market-leading material among a new generation of fibers and plastics, made from plants ̶ not oil ̶ with uses spanning multiple industries and categories, from foodservice ware and food packaging to low-carbon-footprint carpet and flooring, blinds, wall covering, signage, clothing, health and personal care packaging and durable products. At the summit, the Ingeo Eco-Innovation lounge will aggregate the latest product innovation from NatureWorks' Ingeo partners in a unique and holistic cradle-to-cradle lifecycle perspective.

Composting decreases waste and lowers overall operating costs for sports venues

While a host of Ingeo bioplastics and fibers from carpeting to translucent signage can serve to lower a venue's carbon footprint over the long term, one of the ways that a venue can show a nearly immediate positive impact on both its community and operating costs is to divert organic waste from landfills to municipal composting. Addressing the strong interest from sports industry leaders in achieving true zero-waste facilities, the Ingeo lounge will provide a special dual focus, featuring both the latest products which enable the diversion of organic waste from landfill, and the third-party experts who shift "zero waste" from an abstract concept to an everyday reality.

The lounge will host the latest compostable foodservice and packaging products, with items such as fully compostable cups, lids, plates, trays, clamshell containers, and cutlery. A display from the Portland Trail Blazers and the team's home venue, the Rose Garden, will detail successes they have achieved with support from supplier Stalkmarket in waste and operational cost reduction. International Paper and Fabri-Kal, two leading foodservice ware producers will discuss the latest compostable product innovations which enable organics diversion. And one of the nation's most successful composting organizations AgRecycle will detail how they work with such venues as the Pittsburgh Pirates' home PNC Park to divert waste and lower waste disposal costs for the park in a joint session with the team.

For the past several years, leading sports organization from NASCAR to the National Basketball Association have been exploring ways to lower the carbon footprint of sports venues. In fact, under the auspices of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and with the close participation of the National Resources Defense Council, representatives from MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL and NASCAR met at the White House on July 19 to talk about the strides being made in energy and waste reduction at professional sports venues and what more needs to be done. 

"Sustainability of large public venues is advancing with the help of innovative solutions such as those that will be discussed at the innovation lounge," said Scott Jenkins, Green Sports Alliance Board Chair. "We're excited to have experts, like NatureWorks, available at the Green Sports Alliance Summit and are glad that summit attendees will have the opportunity to stop by and meet experts at the Ingeo Eco-Innovation Lounge."

Waste diversion in action

Summit attendees will find Ingeo-based food service ware from partners Eco-Products in routine use at the Washington State Convention Center, and partners such as Stalkmarket are providing additional Ingeo-based compostable foodservice items for use during summit breakout working sessions. Eco-Products, Cedar Grove Packaging and Stalkmarket, all innovators in improving sustainability through food waste diversion, will also have their own exhibits at the summit featuring full lines of commercially compostable food service ware and packaging. 

"NatureWorks and the Green Sports Alliance share the goal of informing and educating on low environmental impact products and processes," said Marc Verbruggen, president and chief executive officer, NatureWorks. "The display of everyday products and the opportunity for summit attendees to sit down at the Ingeo Eco-Innovation Lounge with the experts will be a great opportunity for sports leaders to gain awareness of success strategies available today."

Products in the Ingeo Eco-Lounge represent a small portion of the products on the market for the innovative bioplastics and fibers engineered by NatureWorks. The Ingeo LookBook illustrates the breadth and increasingly mainstream nature of low carbon footprint products now available.

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