Press Releases 2016


NatureWorks Wins Two 3M Supplier of the Year Awards

NatureWorks was honored with two 2016 3M Supplier of the Year Awards in recognition of the company's contribution to improving 3M's competitiveness and helping to drive sustainability.

Natur-Tec and NatureWorks launch new technology platform for performance compostable serviceware

Natur-Tec, a business unit of Northern Technologies International Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIC), and NatureWorks introduced today a jointly developed technology platform that lowers the cost of compostable serviceware while increasing its performance.

NatureWorks introduces Ingeo 3D860 – a new PLA formulation for 3D printing filament providing high impact strength and heat resistance

NatureWorks introduced today at the Innovation Takes Root global biopolymers forum Ingeo 3D860 – a new formulation for 3D printing designed to add impact resistance and heat resistance to finished parts printed with PLA filament.

Metalvuoto introduces high barrier biobased flexible structures to support the long shelf life pouch market

NatureWorks and Metalvuoto announced today a new generation of high barrier Ingeo based flexible substrates designed to keep processed foods fresh on store shelves.

Flexible packaging: l’alta barriera diventa bio

Due aziende e due core business per un unico, ambizioso, obiettivo: un packaging flessibile ed ecocompatibile ad alta barriera, progettato per mantenere la shelf life degli alimenti e per salvaguardare la salute del pianeta.

NatureWorks Launches $1 Million Lab to Research and Develop Commercial Scale Methane to Lactic Acid Fermentation

The new $1 million 8,300 square-foot laboratory at NatureWorks world headquarters is the latest milestone in the company's multi-year program to commercialize a fermentation process for transforming methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into lactic acid, the building block of Ingeo biopolymer. NatureWor...

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5th Ingeo Biopolymer Conference Speakers and Program Announced – Begins on March 30

Conference speakers and program are now finalized and available for review online for the 5th edition of Innovation Takes Root (ITR), a three-day event bringing together global Ingeo channel partners from the entire bioplastic value chain to learn more about the latest developments in new products, ...

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