Ingeo News: Volume 10, Issue 1

February 5, 2013

Bangkok is the site of NatureWorks' first Asia Pacific headquarters

Bangkok is the site of NatureWorks’ first Asia Pacific headquarters

NatureWorks has located its first Asia Pacific (A/P) regional headquarters in Bangkok and has expanded its team of senior commercial, managerial, and technical sales and support personnel. This new NatureWorks A/P headquarters will help facilitate and build a successful commercial network across the entire value chain in the Asia Pacific region. Rich Weber is the new A/P commercial director and Viboon Pungprasert is the new general manager of NatureWorks Asia Pacific Limited. Read more.

London Bio Packaging video

The first zero-landfill-waste Olympics

The 2012 Olympics in London not only offered memorable games, last year’s summer Olympics also were the first to be zero waste with an estimated 8,500 tons of packaging and food service items diverted from landfills and into a composting facility or recycling centers. Within that total, an estimated 14.3 million Ingeo lined paper cups and 7.5 million Ingeo cup lids were composted. London Bio Packaging, the company responsible for the closed loop effort, put together a whimsical, yet highly informative video detailing the overall waste disposal strategy. Watch more.

Eco-Innovation lounge

Eco-Innovation Lounge covers the bases of zero waste

At the Green Sports Alliance’s second annual summit in September 2012, NatureWorks created the Eco-Innovation Lounge where sports teams, sports venue management, and leagues sat down with a group of experts and discussed strategies for achieving zero waste at sporting events. Third party experts joining NatureWorks in the lounge included representatives from the Portland Trail Blazers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the leading composting company AgRecycle, and manufacturers of Ingeo-based compostable food service items StalkMarket, Fabri-Kal, and International Paper. Eco-Products and Cedar Grove Packaging, both innovators in improving sustainability through food waste diversion, also featured full lines of Ingeo-based, commercially compostable food serviceware and packaging in their exhibits at the summit. Read the release.

Portland Trail Blazers Ingeo cup

The Portland Trail Blazers embrace organic recycling and saves $375,000 in the process

Last year, the Rose Garden, home to the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team, diverted its organic and food serviceware waste from landfills to a local composting facility. The Rose Garden’s comprehensive and successful organic recycling effort saved the sports venue $375,000 in landfill costs. Ingeo-based compostable foodservice cups, plates, and utensils enabled organic recycling in a team effort that involved the Trail Blazers, Rose Garden, Ovations Food Service, and StalkMarket Products. Read the case study.

Ingeo is stable in landfills

The reality today is that a percentage of Ingeo packaging and other products end up in landfills. And now NatureWorks can say with certainty that the environmental impact of those products in landfills, in terms of greenhouse gas release, is not significant. Read more from a news story in Plastics Today.

Blair equipment

3D printing with Ingeo

NatureWorks and 3Dom Filament Limited, a new technology startup with extensive Ingeo technical experience, are supporting the rapidly growing 3D printing industry by combining the latest NatureWorks’ Ingeo resins with 3Dom’s state-of-the-art filament manufacturing processes. Ireland-based 3DOM Filament Limited is an independent company newly formed to supply Ingeo filament to the additive manufacturing (3D printing) market. Read more.

Altuglas International and NatureWorks are co-marketing high-performance alloys

Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema group, and NatureWorks have signed a global co-marketing agreement to speed the delivery of a range of newly formulated high performance alloys based on Ingeo and Altuglas brands Plexiglas® and Altuglas® acrylic resins. Read more.

Carbon footprint going, going, gone...

Eco-Products of Boulder, Col., describes itself as a green business that happens to be in the disposable foodservice ware industry. The company’s new ZERO™ hot and cold cups are the first, the company reports, to be fully carbon offset says Eco-Products: “Carbon offset means every last bit of carbon – from creating these cups to disposing of them – has been offset through carbon negative projects here in the U.S.” Both the plastic cold cups made from Ingeo polymer and the Ingeo lined paper hot cups are made from 100 percent renewable resources. These items are BPI certified compostable, and are ASTM compliant for industrial composting. Read more.


Radici Group Ingeo lingere

Diaphanous lingerie made from Ingeo yarn

RadiciGroup, a leading European manufacturer of a vast range of yarns, and customer Ritex, a European leader in lingerie embroidery have introduced an innovative fabric manufactured with the RadiciGroup’s Ingeo yarns. The Ritex fabric is light weight, soft, durable, and has excellent color fastness. Read more.

Ingeo undergarment

Ingeo blended fabrics for environmentally conscious Chinese consumers

Jiaxing Runzhi Wenhua Chuangxiang Company recently developed a series of Ingeo-based products, including underwear, camisoles, t-shirts, and infants' wear.

All are destined for the Chinese domestic market and sold under the YUSIRUN brand. The new fabric is a blend of Ingeo, Tencel, nylon, and spandex. According to the company, "The outstanding features of this garment collection include sensational touch, good drape, easy care, quick drying, excellent wicking performance, and low odor retention. These garments are comfortable and hypoallergenic."

Faribault Mills Ingeo blanket

Snuggle under a wool-Ingeo blanket by Faribault Woolen Mill

The wool-Ingeo blend Cannon River blankets manufactured by Faribault Woolen Mill are now sold by J.C. Penney. These blankets come in queen and king sizes and four colors.

J.C. Penney's website says that the Cannon River blankets have the best of both worlds in terms of wool's insulation and Ingeo's moisture wicking comfort. Read more.

M-N Projecten Ingeo window shade

Sunny sales prospects for these new sunshades

M+N Projecten in Delfgauw, The Netherlands, manufactures internal sunshade systems for commercial applications. The company recently developed an Ingeo based sunshade system to meet the "green" buildings trend in architecture.

M+N took its new Ingeo-based sunshades to the largest electric supplier in The Netherlands, Eneco NV in Rotterdam, which was constructing a new headquarters facility. Armed with environmental benefits calculations prepared by NatureWorks, M+N presented its case for the new product. Agreeing that the fabric would significantly contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment, Eneco NV purchased the Ingeo-based sunshade system for its new headquarters. This marquee account gave M+N a sunny start for its new Ingeo line.


Kunimune Ingeo honeycomb

Ingeo generating "buzz" in Japan

With a grant from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, manufacturer Kunimune of Osaka, Japan, has developed a plastic Ingeo honeycomb for beehives. The prefab honeycombs are expected to help increase yield because bees will be able to put more energy into honey production rather than molding honey comb.

Kunimune’s unique, ultra-thin injection molding technology made it possible to produce the 1/64th inch (0.2mm) wall thickness, which re-creates natural honeycomb structure. The company is no stranger to Ingeo; it currently produces Ingeo injected molded trays for its line of housewares sold in major department stores in Osaka.

Premier Plastic Ingeo tomato clip

Ingeo "clips" help to grow better tomatoes

Premier Plastics, Auckland, New Zealand, has earned a 2012 Gold Design Award from the New Zealand Plastics Industry for its Ingeo tomato clips – small devices used to promote healthy plant growth by securely and safely anchoring tomato stems along trellises.

Industry News

New guidelines in the U.S. and in Europe covering environmental claims aim to decrease "green washing"

The Federal Trade Commission issued revised Green Guides that are designed to help marketers ensure that the claims they make about the environmental attributes of their products are truthful and non-deceptive. The revised guidelines include updates to the existing Guides, as well as new sections on the use of carbon offsets, "green" certifications and seals, and renewable energy and renewable materials claims. Read more.

The new Environmental Communications Guide for Bioplastics from the European Bioplastics Association provides practical anti-green-washing guidelines for communication and marketing experts. The guidelines ensure that environmental claims are specific, accurate, relevant, and truthful.

Alfredo Aguilar Romanillos

Bioplastics on the rise in Europe

According to government and industry leaders speaking at the 7th European Bioplastics Conference held on November 6 and 7 in Berlin, the significance of bioplastics is undisputed in terms of its being a central component of the European bioeconomy.

Coming to this consensus were plenary speakers Alfredo Aguilar Romanillos, European Commission; Clemens Neumann, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Germany; and John Williams, NNFCC, an industry consulting company. Read more.

NatureWorks in the News


InnoBioPlast 2013
January 24-26 | Bangkok, Thailand
Marc Verbruggen, CEO, presented the keynote address on the "State of the Biopolymers Industry."

Minnesota Green Chemistry 2013: Beakers to Business Plans
January 25 | Minneapolis, MN
David Stanton, Business Development Manager, was a panelist on "Business Plans - Building Success in Green Chemistry" panel.

4th Annual Next Generation Bio-Based Chemicals
January 28-31 | San Diego, CA
Manuel Natal, Business Leader – Lactide Derivatives, presented "Commercializing Ingeo Lactide Derivatives: Case Studies in Collaboration.

BIOPLASTICS: The Re-Invention of Plastics
March 4-6 | Las Vegas, NV
Frank Diodato, Business Director - Durables, will present "The World of Ingeo: Update on Trends in Business & Commercial Applications and New Product Launches."

6th International Congress on Bio-based Plastics and Composites
April 10-12 | Cologne, Germany
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager, will be presenting "Ingeo Biopolymers: one of the building blocks in a more sustainable bio-economy."

IDEA - International Engineered Fabrics Conference & Expo
April 23-25 | Miami Beach, FL
NatureWorks will be exhibiting.

Bioplastics Compounding and Processing
May 7-9 | Miami, FL
Frank Diodato, Business Director - Durables, will be presenting.

May 7-10 | Melbourne, Australia
Come visit our exhibition booth!

May 20-23 | Guangzhou, China
NatureWorks will be exhibiting.

Sustainable Polymers
May 20-23 | Safety Harbor, FL
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager will be presenting.