Ingeo News: Volume 10, Issue 2

May 30, 2013

Plasticity Hong Kong logo

NatureWorks has partnered with the Ocean Recovery Alliance to support and enable the Plasticity 2013 forum in Hong Kong June 6. The event follows on from a successful launch of Plasticity at the RIO+20 Earth Summit last year. This one day forum is a unique, action and solutions oriented event, with both the private and public sectors focused on the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the world of plastic and its value as a secondary resource. Plasticity Rio explored innovations and solutions that leaders in their respective industries and communities are undertaking, and the Hong Kong event will continue this emphasis, with new examples coming out of Asia, in terms of closed loop systems, innovative designs, and new processes. Read more.

Doug Woodring

Recently our Steve Davies interviewed Doug Woodring the Co-Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance and one of the principal organizers of Plasticity 2013. They discussed effects from last year's conference in Rio, objectives for the 2013 forum and how bioplastics fit next steps for plastic in Asia Pacific. Read the complete interview.

PTTM logo

NatureWorks developing sales channel in Southeast Asia

PTT Polymer Marketing Co., Ltd. (PTTPM), the marketing arm of PTT Global Chemical Plc., has been named the distributor for Ingeo in Thailand and Vietnam. PTTPM will bring Ingeo to its broad base of thermoformers, film extruders, and injection molders, initially focusing on the packaging and foodservice ware industries. Read more.

EU Bioplastics board

Meet the new board of European Bioplastics

On May 16, European Bioplastics general assembly elected its new board for the period 2012-2014. Serving as vice chair NatureWorks Mariagiovanna Vetere joins industry colleagues from Purac, Novamont, BASF, Bioetc, Braskem, and Roquette on the 7 member board. European Bioplastics represents the interests of over 80 member companies throughout the EU, with members from the agricultural feedstock, chemical and plastics industries, as well as industrial users and recycling companies. Read more.

Plan for Innovation Takes Root 2014: The international Ingeo users’ forum

ITR Montage

Every iteration of the biennial Innovation Takes Root (ITR) international Ingeo users’ forum becomes stronger in terms of the caliber of its speakers, depth of its interactive panels, interest of its product demonstrations, and breadth of its exhibition hall. The 2014 event will surely not disappoint. Plan now to attend ITR 2014, February 17-19, 2014 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida. Read more.

Sandler nonwovens

New Ingeo grades highlighted at the IDEA 13 international conference

At the annual IDEA 13 international conference on engineered fabrics held in April, NatureWorks research scientist Jed Randall described how the company’s new Ingeo grades will improve both fabric performance and processing. Randall chaired two four-hour Ingeo workshops for conference attendees. A half-dozen companies displayed Ingeo-based fabrics and solutions at their exhibits. Read more.

Huhtamaki celebration tree

Young Eco Warriors in Britain create the “celebration” tree

Students, designated Eco Warriors, at Park Primary School in London, England, used art supplies and Huhtamaki BioWare certified compostable Ingeo-lined hot cups to create the “celebration” tree for the annual Footprint dinner and awards ceremony. This event recognizes sustainability in the food service industry. The Eco Warriors had a learning adventure, the school received a $1,500 contribution for its garden, award dinner attendees experienced the celebration tree, and Huhtamaki won an award. Read more.

London Bio Ingeo products

An Olympic scale performance wins a sustainability award

London Bio Packaging’s brilliantly executed Zero Waste program at the 2012 Olympic Games included among other things the distribution and collection of more than 14 million Ingeo-lined paper cups and more than 7 million heat resistance Ingeo cup lids. London Bio Packaging’s achievement earned the company the 2013 Food Packaging Associations’ Sustainability Award. Read more.


REI tube2go Ingeo shrink wrap

REI takes a bite out of packaging

REI, the popular sports and outdoor goods company, has engaged in a massive effort to reduce its in store packaging: REI Gives Its Packaging A Makeover. As part of its packaging redesign, REI features spare bicycle tubes wrapped in Plastic Suppliers EarthFirst® Ingeo shrink film rather than packaged inside the traditional paper box. Not only does this package style reduce overall material consumption 98% but also REI is striving to make the film an industry-wide standard for bicycle tube packaging regardless of the retailer.

Arcor Bon o Bon Ingeo twist wrap

Bite size Bon Bons wrapped in Ingeo film

Arcor, the second largest hard candy producer in the world, is introducing its Bon o Bon line of chocolates into the Brazilian market with each chocolate wrapped in an Ingeo laminated film. The new Ingeo film reduces CO2 emissions by 60 percent compared to the wrapper foil it replaces.

Clear Lam Ingeo film

Clear Lam Features in Plastics Technology magazine

Clear Lam Packaging, a long time NatureWorks channel partner, is featured in a recent issue of Plastics Technology magazine. This is an in-depth article on one of the leaders in sustainable packaging. Read the article.

Food Serviceware

Fabri-Kal Ingeo cup

Fabri-Kal’s innovative Greenware On-The Go

Fabri-Kal recently introduced Greenware® On-The Go Ingeo-based packaging for foodservice organizations. Greenware On-The Go containers are used to display an assortment of food combinations such as fresh fruit and dip, hummus and crackers, and sandwiches and salads. Read more.


Gemalto Visa credit card

Initiative to lower carbon emissions leads to Ingeo-based pre-paid Visa cards

Raiffeisen, Austria’s leading banking group, is committed to reducing carbon emissions in every aspect of its operations. The bank has partnered with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, on the development of pre-loaded Visa cards that are made from Ingeo. Each card with its environmental message and vibrant graphics makes climate action tangible for everyone who holds one.

Interfacial Solutions

Award winning breakthrough in recycling Ingeo

The Society of Plastic Engineers has given its 2013 Environmental Stewardship Award to Interfacial Solutions, a leading provider of idea-to-production contract R&D services to the plastics industry. The company’s award winning methodology is a new and highly effective means of recycling Ingeo – a true cradle-to-cradle solution. Read more.

NatureWorks in the News


May 20-23 | Guangzhou, China
NatureWorks was an exhibitor.

Sustainable Polymers
May 20-23 | Safety Harbor, FL
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager presented.

June 6 | Hong Kong
Steve Davies, Director - Marketing & Public Affairs, will participate in the panel “Bio-Plastics Panel: The Ins and Outs of Bio Materials. How Can Brands and Municipalities Can Capitalize”

Sustainable Chemistry Summit
June 5-7 | Montreal, QC
Manuel Natal, Lactide Derivatives Lead Research Engineer, will present.

Biopolymers 2013 Symposium
June 11-12 | Chicago, IL
Marc Verbruggen, president and CEO, joins a panel discussion on the future of biopolymers. Other panelists include Richard Eno, president and CEO of Metobolix and Lee Edwards, CEO of Virent.

Bioplastek 2013: An Interactive Forum on Bioplastics Today & Tomorrow
June 26-28 | San Francisco, CA
Robert Green, Global Segment Lead - Fibers/Nonwovens, will be presenting “A Materials Manufacturer’s View of How to Commercialize Bioplastics in Nonwovens.”

Biobased Performance Materials Symposium
June 27, 2013 | Wageningen, The Netherlands
Marc Verbruggen, president and CEO, will present in the “New Biobased Polymers” session.

July 10-13 | Minneapolis, MN
Steve Davies, Director - Marketing & Public Affairs, will be moderating the panel "Sports Venues and Arenas – Defining Pathways to Greater Sustainability" with key stakeholders StalkMarket, Minnesota Wild & Xcel Energy Center, AgRecycle and GreenDrop.

Green Sports Alliance Summit
August 26-28 | New York, NY
Come visit the Ingeo Innovation Lounge, and see how zero-waste events are becoming a reality in professional sports.

Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress
November 11-13 | Austria
Eamonn Tighe, European Fibers & Nonwovens Development Manager, will present, “Ingeo PLA Fibers and Nonwovens – New Developments”.

November 19-21 | Basel, Switzerland
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager, will be presenting.