Ingeo News: Volume 7, Issue 1

August 10, 2010

NatureWorks Announces a New Durables Lead in North America

Frank Diodato

NatureWorks is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Frank Diodato to lead the company’s Durables / Distribution business platform in North America. With this business, Frank is responsible for developing Ingeo-based solutions for use in semi-durable and durable products serving the automotive, consumer electronic, cosmetic, white good, toy, and specialty sectors. He brings nearly 30 years plastics industry experience in business and product management and sales to NatureWorks. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.


QTS Dispenser

QTS an Italian producer of bathroom fixtures with more than three decades of experience in design and styling, offers such products as paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, various other dispensers, and bath accessories. The company’s products are used in homes, hotels, restaurants, and offices across the globe. At the ISSA Interclean show and exhibition last April in Amsterdam, QTS introduced its upcoming Simpla line of products - Ingeo 3251 based injection molded dispensers for paper towel, liquid soap, and toilet tissue. QTS said the new biobased products reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent and energy by 45 percent as compared to ABS the material Ingeo replaced.

ABB Cover Plate

ABB one of the largest power and automation corporations globally, recently introduced Ingeo protective covers for electric wall sockets. The covers are used to protect the sockets from dust and plaster during construction. Not only do the sockets stay cleaner, the covers help builders begin the process of using alternatives to petroleum-based plastics - thinking outside the socket.

Intaglio Restroom

Accent Signage Systems of Minneapolis uses Ingeo for its Intaglio™ Signage System. Fully ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant, this system features tactile letters and graphics as well as Accents patented Raster™ Braille system and was developed specifically for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building applications. Accent Signage Ingeo systems have earned the GREENGUARD certification for Children and Schools and the GREENGUARD certification for Indoor Air Quality. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute establishes acceptable product standards for building materials, interior furnishings, cleaners, electronics, and children’s products.

Fresh Food Packaging


ZEN-NOH the agricultural and livestock products marketing and production materials supply business of the JA Group, and NatureWorks exhibited recently at the Private Label Suppliers Show 2010 in Tokyo. ZEN-NOH displayed the latest in clear performance Ingeo packaging for strawberries, tomatoes, and more. ZEN-NOH and NatureWorks met with many leading retailers to discuss sustainability and how the two companies can support retailers’ initiatives.

Seattle City Council Logo

The city of Seattle, on July 1, 2010, introduced an ordinance requiring all single-use food-service packaging to be compostable or recyclable. According to a City of Seattle news release issued on July 1, the new food service packaging requirements mean Seattle will stop sending 6,000 tons of plastic and plastic-coated paper single-use food service ware and leftover food to the landfill in Oregon every year. That’s the equivalent of eliminating 225 shipping containers of waste, or a train more than 100 cars long. Speaking about an Ingeo-based foam meat tray, Brad Halverson, vice president of marketing at Metropolitan Market said, “This is a revolutionary step to cut down on landfill waste, and we’re delighted to be the first supermarket we know of worldwide to adopt the system. Our Seattle customers will now be able to redirect an estimated one million meat trays per year — about five 53-foot trailers full — into compost.” The new bioplastic foam trays used by Metropolitan Market were developed by food service packaging suppliers and distributors Kenco and Bunzl, working with the manufacturer Pactiv. The trays are being marketed under the name EarthChoice™.

Foam Tray Cryovac2

The Cryovac NatureTRAY, an Ingeo-based product line that has been offered to restaurants in the Seattle area since April 2009 and is available in brown, as is the EarthChoice tray, to indicate to consumers that it is compostable.

Foam Dyne-A-Pak Trays

The Dyne-A-Pak Ingeo foam tray has been on the market for over one year and represents a multi-year research and development effort. This product has received a QSR Magazine-FPI Foodservice award for manufacturing innovation. Read more about Seattle’s new ordinance.

New Developments in Foam

EPLA Blocks

Not only petroleum-based meat trays are made with expanded polystyrene (EPS); the foam is one of the most widely used materials for cushioning products during shipping — think about all those electronic products that are shipped each year. Now Foam Fabricators, Inc. (FFI) will be using Ingeo bioresin as a base polymer in a key development project aimed at commercializing an expanded Ingeo foam for shipping applications. FFI will expand Ingeo into foam using technology developed in New Zealand by Biopolymers Network. This new process, which received the Best Innovation in Bioplastics Award at the annual European Bioplastics Conference, relies on CO2 as the blowing/expansion agent. This means both polymer and expansion agent are non-petroleum based. Download the pdf to read more.


Film Bag Pretzel ClearLam Synder Hanover

Snyder’s of Hanover announced a breakthrough in pretzel packaging just in time to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day (April 22, 2010). Snyder’s of Hanover Organic Pretzel Sticks are packaged in renewable bags created from 90 percent Ingeo, decreasing dependency on petroleum-based products. Since their launch, Snyder’s was selected as a Silver Finalist in the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade’s 2010 NASFT sofi™ Awards Competition in the Innovation in Packaging Design or Function category. Recognizing outstanding specialty food innovation, the “sofi” award sees intense competition, with 1,570 entries across 31 categories this year. Read more.

Film Rolls Taghleef

Taghleef Industries a major global supplier of biaxially-oriented film, recently introduced an Ingeo-based film they brand named NATIVIA™. Taghleef Industries commitment to its new biaxially-oriented bioresin film indicates the confidence this tier one supplier has in market growth. Taghleef Industries’ entry into the bioresin market not only ensures adequate supply of product, but also means that customers have a respected partner for technical assistance and ongoing product development. The company will first offer NATIVIA™ to the fresh produce, bakery, and confectionery markets, where bioplastics are already in use. The snack food market is also of interest due to the recent introduction of the compostable chip bag by Frito Lay. From September onwards Taghleef Industries will be in full NATIVIA™ production. Initial annual production is expected to be 3,700 tons. Read the interview with the Product Manager and Sales Manager for NATIVIA.

ConAgre Ameristar Ceremony

ConAgra Foods, Inc. the makers of such products as Reddi Wip and Healthy Choice entrees, received the coveted 2010 AmeriStar Packaging Competition award in the Food Category for the development of post-industrial recycled Ingeo PLA tamper bands and shrink films. This project is the first known packaging application of recycled Ingeo. The award was given in recognition of the energy savings attributed to Ingeo, which can be stored with less refrigeration and applied with less heat.


Bormioli Rocco a leading European supplier of glass and plastic bottles for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries, has been steadily gaining expertise with its Ingeo bio bottle initiative. Bormioli Rocco reports that its method for producing injection-stretch-blow-molded Ingeo bottles is the optimum way to ensure consistently high-quality packaging. According to the company, the key to consistent quality is the precisely controlled temperature of preforms prior to stretch molding. Three cosmetic companies are among the first to bring Bormioli Rocco bio bottles to market. Each brand owner emphasizes a concern for the environment and bio-based formulations.

Bottle Baby Lotion Bormioli Impact Zero

Eudermic SRL, founded in 1994, specializes in natural and spa cosmetics. Impact Zero is the firm’s latest line and includes certified organic lotions for infants, older children, and adults, packaged in Bormioli Rocco’s Ingeo bio bottles. Secondary packaging is made from recycled fiber and is recyclable. Impact Zero is widely available in Italy and distribution is growing within other European countries.

Bottle Baby Oil Three Bormiloli Natyr

Based in Italy, Ctm altromercato Consortium is a leader in fair and supportive trade. Using ingredients from flowers, fruits, and herbs, the organization launched the Natyr bio line of products for face and body several years ago. Recently the consortium introduced Natyr formulations packaged in transparent Bormioli Rocco bio bottles.

Bottle Conditioner Bormioli Artec Naturalmente

Last year Artec began packaging some of its Naturalmente line of hair care products in 250 ml Bormioli Rocco manufactured Ingeo bottles. Since the introduction of the packaging, Artec reports three fold sales growth. Artec plans to offer additional Naturalmente formulations in translucent bio bottles.

In other bottle news

The Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy), one of the three grand bicycle tours along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España, is a long distance race held annually during three weeks of May and early June. From the starting point in Amsterdam on May 3, 2010, until the arrival in Verona 27 days later, distinctive green Ingeo water bottles accompanied athletes. Sant'Anna, the only company in Italy with an Ingeo water bottle, was the official water sponsor of the event. Read more (in Italian).

re:newal premium spring water, one of the first natural spring waters bottled in Ingeo containers, recently announced a distribution agreement with The Fresh Market stores, a chain with 95 locations in 19 states. Read more.

Noting that his hotel chain consumes an estimated five million 16 ounce plastic bottles every year, Simon F. Cooper, president and chief operating officer of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, challenged his personnel to lower the environmental impact of the plastic packaging. After 18 months of research and working with a variety of vendors, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company developed a partnership with Prima™ to create a co-branded Ingeo bottle. Read more.

Fibers & Nonwovens Updates

Trevira The Fibre Company

NatureWorks LLC and Trevira GmbH of Bobingen, Germany, jointly announced on July 13 that Trevira, one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality branded polyester fibers and filament yarns, now holds a master license to manufacture Ingeo fibers. Because of its expertise and range of products, Trevira is the ideal company to provide Ingeo fibers to a diverse base of European Union fabric producers, converters and brand owners. Read more.

Ingeo fashion at the London Science Museum exhibit “Trash Fashion” – designing out waste.

Apparel Dress Trash Fashion
The British public buys a third more clothing than a decade ago. But what’s often ignored is the environmental burden of millions of tons of fast-changing fashions each year. The organization C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity, Lifestyle, and Sustainability Synergy) has worked with the London Science Museum to create a forward-thinking and edgy Ingeo display, which demonstrates that sustainability and creative design can be truly cutting edge. Read more.

*Photo courtesy of the Danish Fashion Institute

Developments in Food Serviceware

Cup Group Pactiv EarthChoice
In May Pactiv Corporation, a leader in the food service packaging industry, introduced its EarthChoice™ brand of nearly 80 sustainable food service products, including cups, hinged-lid containers, plates, foam trays, and straws for disposable food service needs. The comprehensive line of EarthChoice products offers a variety of features, including the utilization of sustainable and renewable resources, reduced amounts of plastics, less fossil fuel used in manufacture, post consumer recycled content, certified compostable products, and chlorine-free processing. “Companies that have become more environmentally sensitive in their food service product choices or face increasing requirements about the types of products and materials they use will appreciate the environmental benefits of EarthChoice,” said John McGrath, vice president of marketing and sales for Pactiv’s Foodservice/Food Packaging Group. All EarthChoice Ingeo based products are either ASTM D 6400 or 6868 certified for full composting in municipal and industrial facilities where available. Composting reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. Read more.

Highlights from the National Association of College and University Food Services National Conference (NACUFS), July 7-10, San Jose, California

Huhtamaki unveiled its North American Bioware® line of Ingeo coated paper containers. Available in both squat and tall format and spanning the size range from 6 to 32 ounces, the entire Bioware® line is certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

StalkMarket CPLA Retail
StalkMarket introduced its high temperature resistant (200+ F°, 93C°) Ingeo Jaya® cutlery set, which successfully met the ASTM-6400 standard for industrial composting.

Solo CUps Octaview Hinged
The Solo Cup Company showcased its OctaView line of Ingeo take out food containers. Solo acquired OctaView branded products when it acquired InnoWare Plastic in April 2010.

Other foodservice related developments

Cup Empty GrupoPhoenix Avianca Columbia
Phoenix Packaging Group, Bogotá, Columbia, expanded its Ingeo offering and launched GeoPack cold cups in 7, 10, and 12 ounce sizes. The cold cups are sold to food service operations throughout Columbia. The Phoenix Ingeo cups were first used by the Columbian based Avianca Airline, the second oldest commercial air carrier in the world. Read more.

Burgerville Compost Cups

Burgerville, a well known regional chain of quick service restaurants in the US Pacific Northwest, became the first in the fast food industry to adopt the ecotainer® from International Paper and Coca-Cola. Burgerville’s goal is to offer fully compostable and recyclable packaging, making its composting and recycling program the most comprehensive in the fast food industry. The company hopes to eventually divert 85 percent of its waste from landfills. Read the press release.

Serviceware Plate Berry Plastic Abeo

Berry Plastics introduced black six- and nine-inch Abeo™ plates made from Ingeo. The company emphasized both the performance and aesthetics of its distinctive product. “Several years ago, we made a commitment to dedicate capital and resources to the development of sustainable products. Abeo™ represents the first of many new products resulting from that commitment. We are excited to offer our customers and the marketplace an alternative product that truly utilizes renewable resources without sacrificing performance,” said Cliff Albert, Director of Sales. Read more.

Extrusion Costing Cup Coca-Cola International Paper Ecotainer
International Paper has introduced a series of commemorative national park cups, available for use by parks, concessionaires, and others. The cups – International Paper’s commercially compostable ecotainer® – feature eight different artistic renderings of iconic national vistas along with an educational message about conservation and environmental stewardship. Ecotainers are paper cups lined with a thin Ingeo film moisture barrier. Read the press release.

StalkMarket PTB Recycle Bins
On April 9, the Portland Trail Blazers dedicated that day’s NBA game to environmental sustainability. April 9 was also the first day of the Rose Garden stadium’s new sustainability program, featuring compostable Ingeo food serviceware supplied by local company StalkMarket. “The Portland Trail Blazers are proud to be recognized as the first American professional sports team to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification,” Trail Blazers Chief Operating Officer Sarah Mensah said. “This distinction, backed by a commitment to sustainability partners like Ingeo and StalkMarket, can help transform our industry and influence the behavior of millions of people that visit sports facilities each year.” The Blazers will continue to use Ingeo food serviceware throughout the 2010-2011 season, providing specially marked containers for the collection of compostable items.

General News of Interest

BioCor LLC announces its launch as a new venture in the business of buying, aggregating, and processing post-industrial and post-consumer Polylactic acid (PLA). BioCor will capitalize on the ease with which PLA can be converted back to lactic acid — the building block of Ingeo - for subsequent use as a feedstock in a variety of existing end markets – a cradle-to-cradle reuse of the PLA. BioCor Executive Director Mike Centers explains that BioCor will pay recyclers and companies that create products with PLA an economically attractive price for PLA in any packaging format and work with recyclers to achieve efficient separation of post-consumer PLA from other plastics. BioCor provides recyclers with a market for any post-consumer PLA they process. BioCor will also collaborate on PLA recycling pilot projects and work with federal, state, and municipal entities, non-governmental organizations, consumer groups, and recycling organizations.

The government of France is promoting the adoption of bio-based, compostable plastic waste bags. The government says it will make the bags, which will contain 40 percent vegetable-based material next year and 70 percent by 2018, more available to consumers. The government also emphasizes backyard and industrial composting. Read more.

NatureWorks in the News

Upcoming Events

Georgia Recycled Organics Council
August 22-25, Georgia
Doug Kunnemann, Business Development Manager - Foodservice & Fresh Food Packaging, will be presenting on food waste diversion.

September 9-11, Bangkok, Thailand
This event will showcase a series of presentations and panel discussions from more than 30 world renowned speakers on topics ranging from new research to global innovation trends and their impact on the world bioplastics industry. Marc Verbruggen, president and CEO, NatureWorks LLC, is a featured presenter.

Sustainable Packaging Forum
September 14-16, Phoenix, Arizona
Peter Clydesdale, chief marketing officer, NatureWorks LLC, will take part in a special session on Biopolymers, Recycling, and Biodegradability, along with Steve Mojo, executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), and Mike Centers, executive director of BioCor LLC.

September 14-16, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Salvador Ortega, director, Mexico and Central-South Americas, NatureWorks LLC, will present “PLA biopolymers – a sustainable option.”

Dornbrin Man-made Fibers Congress
September 15-17, Austria
Eamonn Tighe (Business Development Manager - Fibers & Nonwovens, Europe) will present "Biopolymers for Nonwovens, Environmentally Beneficial, Technically Advantageous and Commercially Feasible" on the 15th.

September 23, Budapest
Eamonn Tighe (Business Development Manager - Fibers & Nonwovens, Europe) will be participating in session 2, "A Panel Discussion on the Bioplastics Value Proposition for Hygiene."

Biopolymers Symposium
October 11-13, Denver, Colorado
Steve Davies, director, corporate communications and public affairs, NatureWorks LLC, will present "A View from the Front Lines."

Advanced Textiles
October 26-29, Orlando, FL
Robert Green, director, fibers, NatureWorks LLC, will present “Ingeo Innovations - The Journey Continues.”

Bioplastics Business Breakfast @ K'2010
Oct 28-30, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Mark Vergauwen will be speaking on “The Latest in Ingeo Performance Developments.”

November 2-4, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Marc Verbruggen, president and CEO, NatureWorks LLC, is a featured presenter.