Ingeo News: Volume 7, Issue 2

January 18, 2011

Stonyfield Presents Breakthrough Cup Made from Plants

Stonyfield Yobaby

Stonyfield Farm, the world's leading organic yogurt company, introduced the first yogurt cup made from plants. Every Stonyfield Farm multipack yogurt cup, including YoBaby, YoToddler and YoKids (as well as B-Healthy, B-Well, Probiotic & O'Soy), will be made from an Ingeo formulation developed by Clear Lam. The breakthrough cup slashes carbon emissions by nearly half (48%) and places Stonyfield on the front lines of the growing sustainable packaging industry.

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Henkel Pritt ECOomfort

Henkel, a global German corporation, has developed a solvent-free correction roller for home and office use. The product used to cover over handwriting or printing errors is the first in the world with a shell made from 89 percent Ingeo. The switch to a renewable plastic will save the equivalent of 5,600 gallons (21,400 liters) of gasoline per annual production of one million units.

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Bio Bottle Polenghi

In the first European commercial introduction of an extrusion blow molded bottle, Polenghi, the Italian company known for lemon juice and dressings, will switch from polyolefin resin to Ingeo bioplastic for its organic lemon juice.

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NatureWorks in the News

Green Wallet

"How Green Is Your Wallet" is a recently published magazine article by Dr. Jim Nangeroni, technical leader, films and cards, NatureWorks. Jim writes about the marketing and technical trends persuading companies to make gift, ID, and credit cards out of Ingeo, a plastic made from plants, not oil. One of the major breakthroughs in Ingeo card stock technology has been the development of high heat resins.

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Upcoming Events

China Bioplastics
October 26-27, Shanghai, China
Bill Suehr, COO, NatureWorks will be presenting "A View from the Front Lines"

Advanced Textiles
October 26-29, Orlando, FL
Robert Green, director, fibers, NatureWorks LLC, will present "Ingeo Innovations: The Journey Continues"

Bioplastics Breakfast @ K-Show

October 26-29, Düsseldorf, Germany
Mark Vergauwen, Commercial Director for NatureWorks EU, will present "The Latest in Ingeo Performance Developments"

November 2-4, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bill Suehr, COO, NatureWorks will speak about the commercialization of biotech products and services.

Green Supply Chain 2010
November 4-5, York, UK
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager, NatureWorks LLC, will present "Required Recovery and Improved End-of-life Routes for Biopolymers in a Lower Carbon Economy"

Latin America PET Packaging Markets & Technology
November 9-10, Mexico City, México
Salvador Ortega, business director for Latin America, NatureWorks will present "Ingeo innovations in Packaging"

United Nations Conference on Climate Change
November 26-December 16, Cancun, Mexico

New study tells why Ingeo has a low carbon footprint


In 2009, NatureWorks announced that Ingeo bioplastic has a smaller carbon footprint than petrochemical based plastics. Now a peer reviewed article in Industrial Biotechnology magazine explains why. It all has to do with sunlight, plants, and 21st century technology:

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For its nearly decade long effort to develop additional means of reducing the carbon footprint of lactic acid production and ultimately of Ingeo biopolymer, Cargill received the 2010 Industrial Biotechnology Award for distinguished accomplishments in biotechnology. The award was presented by the American Chemical Society.


Bio Diaper GroVia

GroVia the natural baby company, of Bozeman, Montana, recently introduced the disposable GroVia BioDiaper™. The new BioDiaper is made with Ingeo fibers. These new diapers are free of fragrance, dyes, and chlorine and have received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for health safety.

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Noyfil of Switzerland part of the Italian Radici Group, uses Ingeo fiber and technology innovations to make its products and operations more sustainable. A new dyeing technology reduces water consumption per kilogram of yarn produced by more than 600 percent. There are energy savings as well from the new process. This combined with Ingeo fiber’s low carbon footprint shows how innovators are reducing their overall environmental impact without sacrificing the performance or capabilities of their products and services. The Ingeo fiber produced by Noyfil is antimicrobial as per UNI EN ISO 20743:2007 and also offers excellent flame resistance and UV stability in a wide range of colors.

Radici Chart

General News of Interest

ITR Crowd

Mark your calendars for February 20-22, 2012, which is when the third Innovation Takes Root, the international biopolymers forum hosted by NatureWorks, will take place in Orlando, Florida. At the second conference held earlier this year more than 300 attendees representing 190 organizations in 30 different countries gathered to discuss the latest biopolymer developments in blends, additives, and processing, as well as retail and product trends.

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