Ingeo News: Volume 9, Issue 1

May 29, 2012

Biobased Increasingly a National & Strategic Imperative

US Whitehouse Logo

US National Bioeconomy Blueprint Released

In April, the Obama administration released a National Bioeconomy Blueprint. The blueprint is in effect the administration’s endorsement and roadmap of a more robust bioeconomy. It addresses key environmental challenges, proposes transformative manufacturing processes, and supports increasing the productivity and scope of the agricultural sector, noting: “Decades of life-sciences research and the development of increasingly powerful tools for obtaining and using biological data have brought us closer to the threshold of a previously unimaginable future: “ready to burn” liquid fuels produced directly from CO2…plastics made not from oil but from renewable biomass...”

EU Commission Logo

European Commission proposes strategy for sustainable bioeconomy

The European Commission's strategy and action plan, "Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe," outlines an inter-disciplinary approach to the issue of lessening dependence on fossil carbon through more reliance on renewable resources. The goal is a more innovative and low-emissions European economy. The plan is designed to boost sustainable agriculture and fisheries, improve food security, and support sustainable use of renewable biological resources for industrial purposes. 

Dutch Manifest

Dutch biobased economy manifesto

Last fall, 43 non-governmental organizations including the WWF, Oxfam Novib, and the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands signed a manifesto supporting principles that move the Netherlands toward greater reliance on a biobased economy. Some of the areas covered by the manifesto included lower consumption of materials and energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions, efficient use of biomass, conservation, biodiversity, sustainable use of ecosystems, and food security. Read more.

Compound Ingeo Grades 240D and 300D Prototypes

NatureWorks and BioAmber form joint venture to broaden the Ingeo property set

In February, NatureWorks and BioAmber formed a joint venture to bring new performance biobased polymer compositions to market with a new family of compounded Ingeo resin grades. NatureWorks is already offering samples of developmental grades aimed at thermoforming & injection-molding processes for food serviceware applications, expanding the Ingeo property range in flexibility, toughness, heat resistance, and drop-in processability on existing manufacturing equipment.

Durables Wine Rack RNew Arkema

New biobased alloy Plexiglas® Rnew resin with Ingeo offers exceptional performance characteristics

Through a new family of compounds featuring Ingeo, Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema is offering Plexiglas Rnew, a biobased alloy. The unique properties of the new Plexiglas Rnew compounds stem from the synergistic effect of compounding two completely miscible polymers, Plexiglas and Ingeo. The resultant Plexiglas Rnew alloys feature lower processing temperatures, greater melt flow properties, and reduced carbon footprint. Read more.

Ingeo Partner Updates


Precious Sticksters

Film Cheese ClearLam

In a first for the snack cheese industry, Clear Lam Packaging developed film for laminated flexible packaging that is 50 percent Ingeo with the remainder consisting of petroleum-based plastic. When formed into snack cheese bags, this material meets the manufacturing, freshness, and product protection criteria of the typical dairy case package while significantly reducing carbon footprint. Read more.

Gift, key, and other cards made from wood and Ingeo film

Card Hotel Key

Sustainable Cards, the world’s leading manufacturer of wooden hotel key cards, gift cards, and retail point-of-sale signage, has earned the prestigious Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification. The FSC label provides the link between responsible production and consumption of forest products and enables consumers and businesses make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions. A thin layer of Ingeo film protects the surface of the Sustainable Cards.

Package sealing tape wins award

Taghleef Nastri Logo

The Association of International Metalilizers, Coaters, and Laminators awarded its 2012 Sustainability Award to Taghleef Industries for an Ingeo-based sealing tape. Unlike polypropylene or polyester tapes, the award winning Ingeo biaxially-oriented-film tape does not pose a problem for subsequent composting or recycling after the package enters the waste stream. Taghleef markets its transparent and solid white Ingeo tapes under the Nativia brand name. Read more.


Ingeo cups on historic LAN Airlines flight

LAN Airlines Logo

In March, LAN Airlines and Air BP Copec made the first commercial South American flight using second generation biofuels, demonstrating efforts to generate an increasingly sustainable operation. On board, passengers drank from Ingeo compostable hot and cold beverage cups. “In the framework of our first commercial flight using second generation biofuels, the use of compostable Ingeo cups, represented an additional contribution to the central objective of the event, which was to promote more sustainable operations for aviation in the region. In LAN, we are always evaluating such actions, which can contribute to our commitment to care and improvement of the environment”, said Enrique Guzmán, Environmental Manager at LAN Chile.

Two new distributors offer Ingeo food serviceware product lines

P P International Logo

P&P International, Inc., Selma, CA, recently began offering its customers Ingeo-based food serviceware for the fast growing segment of the market interested in compostable plastic ware that enables diversion of food residuals from landfill to industrial compost facilities.

Water Billboard Logo

Water Billboards, by Buffalo Ridge Water, Canby, MN, is now carrying a complete line of BPI-certified compostable Ingeo food service ware including cups, glasses, plates, utensils, and garbage bags.

Happy Candy package carries more than candy

Handy Candy Cup

Handy Candy LLC has developed a versatile and frankly fun new fresh food package made from plant based Ingeo biopolymer. The “Handy Candy” package was a finalist at the 2011 Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit for innovative packaging, and Flavor Pic Tomato Co. was the first licensee to distribute. The unique package manufactured by Fabri-Kal consists of their Greenware® 7 oz. cup and matching dome lid with hole for easy on-the-go snacking, and lends itself to a variety of uses for grape tomatoes – individual servings, pre-packed salads, and grab-and-go snacks.


Excellent Packaging Clamshell

BioMass Packaging, a division of Excellent Packaging and Supply, is now offering a line of clamshell containers made from bagasse. To prevent leaking, these packages are lined with Ingeo film. The innovative clamshells are compostable and made with renewable materials, not oil.

Cradle-to-Cradle Activities

Ingeo recycling in Germany
Germany has one of the most developed waste recovery systems in the world, with nationwide collection of post consumer packaging materials. RE|PLA Cycle GmbH, owned by the company RECLAY, is a licensed waste disposal management provider in Germany. Since the beginning of the year, RE|PLA has begun collecting post-industrial manufacturing Ingeo scrap, closed loop event cups, and increasingly Ingeo and other PLA-based bioplastics packaging from the German Green Dot consumer waste recovery system. RE|PLA directs the collected waste towards re-processors and NatureWorks channels the rPLA to interested end-user markets. Read more.

Life cycle assessments demonstrate the benefits of biopolymers

life cycle analysis

Oliver Schmid, managing director of Proganic, which relies exclusively on biobased plastics says, “More and more customers are interested in biobased solutions, but only those that have distinct ecological advantages. We owe it to our customers to generate reliable data and make these solutions available to them.” To acquire the data, Proganic hired the Nova Institute to demonstrate low carbon footprint advantages. The institute conducted a comprehensive survey of available data. Researchers examined 30 different life cycle assessments of biopolymers including Ingeo. They summarized their findings by saying that they found unambiguously positive results for the widespread biobased plastics PLA and PHA/PHB. Here is a link to the Nova Institute’s findings. Read more.

In Europe look for the “seedling” logo for compostable bioplastics

EU Seedling

Producers, converters, and users of products that are compostable according to the European standard EN 13432 / 14955 will soon be able to obtain the respected “seedling” logo through a new certification organization. The EU-wide established seedling eco-logo is now available through the Belgian certifier Vinçotte. NatureWorks has had a long relationship with Vincotte. In 2010 Ingeo was the first biopolymer to earn a four-star OK biobased rating from that organization.

NatureWorks in the News

Ingeo Partner Updates cont.

A full line of Ingeo-based cups, bowls & lids

Kraft Hot Cups

Vegware, packaging made from plants, is marketing single and double wall hot cups and soup containers and lids. The paper cups and bowls are lined with Ingeo. The lids are made from Ingeo. Vegware products are fully compostable. These foodservice items were manufactured by President Packaging, a foodservice disposables manufacturer, based in Taiwan.


Bioserie iPhone 4/4S covers now carry the USDA BioPreferred product label’s top rating – 100% biobased.

Durables iPhone 4 Cases

Launched in 2011, the USDA’s BioPreferred product label is designed to give consumers a credible way of identifying products that are biobased. The labels typically show the percentage of biobased content in the product – 50 percent, 75 percent, etc. Bioserie applied and was awarded a BioPreferred product label. The company could not have rated any higher when the USDA awarded it with a 100 percent BioPreferred product label for its Ingeo iPhone 4/4S covers.


You just missed us at...

NPE 2012
April 1 - 5 | Orlando, FL
Introduced the new biobased Plexiglas with Arkema to the general plastics industry and drew exception media attention to this development.

Chinaplas 2012
April 18 - 21 | Shanghai, PRC
For the second year running, NatureWorks drew large interested crowds to its booth. This is Asia’s largest plastics and rubber trade fair.

AMI’s Bioplastics Compounding and Processing
May 8-9 | Miami, FL
Jed Randall, Research Scientist, Ingeo Product Development, presented.

Renewable Materials Summit: Markets for Building the Biorefinery
May 15 | Fargo, ND
Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs presented

7th Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable
May 15 | Ann Arbor, MI
Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs was a panelist on the Emerging Issues: Biobased Chemicals, Materials, and Products track.

2nd PLA World Congress
May 15 -16 | Munich, Germany
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager, presented Ingeo Biopolymers: An update of the latest developments in Products, Sustainable Feedstock and Product Certification and End of Life.

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
May 17-19 | New York City, NY
David Stanton, Business Development Manager - North American Retail, presented.

Come meet up with us at...

6th Bioplastic Markets
May, 23-24 2012 | Bangkok, Thailand
Peter Clydesdale, Chief Marketing Officer, will be presenting.

June 13-15 | Seoul, Korea
Come visit us at booth H3!

Bio-Plastics: The Re-Invention of Plastics
June 13-15 | San Francisco, CA
Deepak Venkatraman, Research Chemist, will be presenting Ingeo PLA: A Proven Polymer for the Durables Market.

AIP National Conference – Packaging: The Road Ahead
June 14-15 | Queensland, Australia
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager, will present.

Plasticity RIO 2012: A Big Conversation on the Future of Plastic
June 21 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, will present Ingeo Bioplastics: Rethinking Plastics with a Cradle-to Cradle Viewpoint.

iopolymers Symposium
Oct 15-17 | San Antonio, TX
Doug Kunnemann, Business Segment Director, Fresh Food Packaging and Food Service will present on the Innovative Management Strategies for End of Life panel. Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, will present Addressing Feedstock Sustainability Concerns - An Ingeo Case Study.

EFIB 2012
October 16-18 | Dusseldorf, Germany
Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO, will participate in a debate on the future of industrial biotechnology with other CEO's from the industry.