Ingeo News: Volume 9, Issue 2

August 22, 2012

A Big Conversation on the Future of Plastic Amidst UN's Rio+20 Earth Summit

A number of public and private groups, NGO's, and non-profits, including the Ocean Recovery Alliance organized Plasticity Rio '12, a forum which showcased pioneering efforts related to plastic, including new initiatives in design, packaging, use, recovery, and reuse. NatureWorks was invited to represent a global bioplastics perspective in what was described as "an international exploration into the future of plastics." After the event NatureWorks' Steve Davies and Doug Woodring, co-founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, discussed the issues surrounding the future of plastics. Woodring said, "It's fair to say that we left the conference with a far more holistic, bigger picture view of how to capture the opportunities and redress the issues of plastic than most expected." Read the complete Q&A between Davies and Woodring including a post-event news summary.

White House and Professional Sports Teams Champion the Improved Environmental Performance of Sports Venues

Under the auspices of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and with the close participation of the National Resources Defense Council, representatives from MLB and the NHL, NBA, NFL, and NASCAR met at the White House on July 19 to talk about the strides being made in energy and waste reduction at professional sports venues and what more needs to be done. Ingeo compostable food serviceware and NatureWorks partners are in the midst of the improvement trend as Justin Zeulner of the Portland Trail Blazers describes in the video of the conference.

An interesting summary of the conference appeared in Think Progress.

NatureWorks Partners with Green Sports Alliance at Summit September 5-7, Seattle, Washington

The Green Sports Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping professional sports from basketball to NASCAR and leagues enhance overall environmental performance. This has led to a natural partnership with NatureWorks at the Alliance's upcoming three-day conference in Seattle. To introduce summit participants to sustainable practices in terms of moving to zero waste, reducing energy consumption, and using new, lower carbon-footprint materials within stadiums, NatureWorks will host the summit's Ingeo Eco-Innovation Lounge. With a special focus on "zero waste" at sports venues, the lounge will host third-party experts to discuss with summit attendees the latest strategies and best practices. Experts will include practitioners such as the Portland Trail Blazers and the team's venue the Rose Garden, and national experts in the diversion of organics from landfill such as leading composter AgRecycle.

Ask the Experts - Composting

While industrial composting continues to gain interest globally as an economically attractive means of diverting organics from landfill, over the last two decades the industry has learned that setting up such systems does not come without challenges. These include: consumer and waste collector education, facility availability, permitting barriers, collection of material, and composters’ willingness to accept these compostable packaging in their input streams.

Successful programs have been implemented, many from closed venues (music and sport events, corporate cafeterias, fast food restaurants, etc). The key advantages are that one can better control the collection and processing of the waste and compostable products enable the successful diversion of their food waste out of landfill. Community and city curbside programs have also shown good success.

Here are a few current projects from around the world that hopefully inspire you to think about setting up similar systems in your market.

Beck Brooks NatureWorks Photo

Becky Brooks,
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Erwin Vink NatureWorks Photo

Erwin Vink,
Environmental Affairs Manager

The Pittsburgh Pirates, a participant in the White House forum on sports and sustainability, began their waste diversion efforts in 2008 by launching their "Lets' Go Bucs. Let's Go Green" program. The organization has steadily increased their diversion rate each year since initiation of the program. In 2008 they accomplished a 27% diversion rate and by 2011 it had increased to 61%. Their success is built on both organization participation and fan participation. 

The Science Museum of Minnesota initiated "Project No Waste" in 2011 with a goal to divert 75% of their waste in two years. In the first year of the program they have raised their diversion rate from 18% to 51%. Clear labeling and education have been critical in the success of the program over the last year.

In Italy many local summer festivals are using disposable compostable food serviceware and cups. These products were used at big events such as the 2010 International New Year's eve Run BOclassic in Bolzano and the 2010 FIVB World Volleyball Championship in 8 cities including Rome.

Ingeo Partner Updates

Pet industry is serious about well-being from food to packaging

The global pet food industry is expected to grow to $56.4 billion by 2015 and is one of the fastest growing food industries in the world. The U.S. is the largest pet food market as reports:

"The petfood industry is highly influenced by the trends and preferences in the human food market. Accordingly, the shift toward healthier, organic and natural human food finds a reflection in the petfood industry, too. This trend is particularly prevalent in developed markets such as the US, where organic food production is poised to become one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry." Read more.

NatureWorks and its partners are seeing a surge in demand for packaging solutions based on renewable resources. The pet food companies are not simply making their foods more organic; they want their packaging to reflect corporate concerns for health, wellness, and the environment.

Steve's Real Pet Food

Eagle Packaging

High nutrition frozen dog food is now available in an innovative Ingeo-based flexible bag from Eagle Flexible Packaging. The NVIRO® flexible packaging also features water-based inks, and a convenient press-to-close zip top. "I really wanted a solution that was green, not just one that sounded green," says Nicole Lindsley, project manager at Steve's.

Precision Color Graphics develops ECOTERAH sustainable packaging
Cardinal Pet Care and Tuffy's Pet Food recently began using ECOTERAH™ brand packaging from Precision Color Graphics. Introduced late last year, ECOTERAH packaging consists of a multiwall paper bag lined with EarthFirst® film made from Ingeo. ECOTERAH packing is FDA approved for people and pet food, the company reports. This packaging is BPI certified ASTM D6400 and is suitable for commercial/industrial composting facilities where available.

"Ingeo bioplastic has been a perfect addition to our sustainable packaging initiative," said Dan Brulz, vice president of Precision Color Graphics. "Ingeo offers a more than adequate oxygen and moisture barrier for many products. It also acts as a great sealant on pouches and roll stock items. We have a branding agreement with our clients that all ECHOTERAH packaging is labeled with the EarthFirst® PLA (Ingeo) film logo. Our clients have been proud to highlight the fact that they are making efforts to use more sustainable packaging."

Cardinal Pet Care's Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Gourmet

Pet Botanicals dog food

Cardinal Pet Care's Pet Botanics features a new multi-wall pet food bag manufactured by Precision Color Graphics and lined with Plastic Supplier's EarthFirst film made with Ingeo biopolymer.

Tuffy's Pet Food, Inc. features Ingeo-lined bags on several brands

Natural Plant Organic dog food

Tuffy's Pet Food uses EarthFirst film for its Natural Planet Organics and Nutri Source brands. Both bags are manufactured by Precision Color Graphics.


President Packaging offers new BPI certified hot cup

President Packaging double walled cup

A new insulated hot cup from President Packaging Ind. is Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified and warm to the touch, not hot, when filled with a hot beverage. The double-wall paper construction provides its own insulation and eliminates the need for an added outside sleeve for greater convenience and ease of use. The company reports that beverages stay warmer longer than in non-insulated paper hot cups. Ingeo film provides a leak barrier. Five sizes from 8 oz. to 24 oz. are available as are matching Ingeo lids. BPI certified products meet ASTM D6400 and are suitable for commercial/industrial composting facilities.

"Ingeo is a product that enables our company to innovate for our customers in environmentally responsible ways," said Jimmy Liu, export manager, President Packaging. "The utilization of this plastic made from plants, not oil, also helps further our corporate social responsibility goals.


Ingeo/wool blend for clothing

Danmao Ingeo fabric

Jiangsu Danmao Textile Co., Ltd. is an eco-conscious company specializing in producing wool fabrics for high-end fashion. The company recently developed a new range of Ingeo fabrics blended with wool. Ingeo fiber is an economic and lower-carbon-footprint alternative to polyester for blending with wool. The Ingeo/wool fabric can be used for uniforms and informal and corporate wear.



NSF logo

Interfacial Solutions, a leading provider of research and development services for the plastics industry and the developer of deTerra® biobased polymers, has received a prestigious National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation research grant to explore new methods of recycling post-industrial and post-consumer Ingeo and PLA generally.

The Phase 1 grant proposes a technology feasibility study using the same kind of chemistry – hyperbranching – that made deTerra polymers possible. The research has the potential to lead to recycling Ingeo semi-durable products made from polymer blends, as well as being a strong potential “up-cycling” opportunity for post-industrial and post-consumer scrap. The NSF program’s mission is to increase the incentive and opportunity for small firms to undertake cutting edge, high risk, high quality scientific, engineering, or science and engineering education research that has potential for high economic payoff.


Plexiglas New wine bottle

A new alloy of Plexiglas provides a viable and exciting alternative for brands looking for a transparent biobased material for durable applications – a material with a low carbon footprint. The judges of the 50th annual R&D Magazine R&D 100 Top Projects agreed that this alloy is indeed an exciting development and named Arkema, the manufacturer, as one of this year’s winners. Read more about the Plexiglas Rnew resin made with Ingeo biopolymer.


Tim Goodman

Tim Goodman has joined us in the newly created role of Cradle-to-Cradle manager for North America. Tim will be responsible for the implementation of pilot recovery projects for post-consumer and post-industrial Ingeo, the establishment of end-markets and applications for recovered materials, and educational outreach to customers and channel partners on Ingeo cradle-to-cradle options. Tim has extensive background in solid waste management, treatment, and recovery, including organic composting.

Rich Weber

Rich Weber has joined us in the role of Regional Commercial Business Leader for the Asia Pacific region. Rich’s responsibilities will include leading efforts to support NatureWorks expanding business footprint in South East Asia and India and coordinating efforts and initiatives across the Ingeo businesses in the region. Rich brings to NatureWorks extensive experience in this arena from his prior work at Cargill’s Strategy & Business Development group. He will be relocating to Bangkok, Thailand.

This move is designed in addition, to allow NatureWorks Dan Sawyer, who previously managing these responsibilities in the Asia Pacific region, to now bring his extensive experience in Ingeo applications and processing to bear in his new responsibility of running NatureWorks recently established incubator - New Business Development.


Capitalizing on the biobased boom

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ITALY: Ritex and RadiciGroup partner on sustainable lace

Ingeo Products Sold in Germany are First to Receive Dual, Complementary Third-Party Sustainability

Green Matter: Growing sustainable feedstocks

Another Big Plus for InPro’s Pioneering Bioplastic: Bio-content Becomes Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver

Ingeo Partner Updates cont.



Bioserie Samsung case

Bioserie’s Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone covers are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified 100 percent biobased. The covers are colorful, thin, lightweight, and provide scratch and impact protection. Patent pending “feet” keep the screen away from flat surfaces with the phone if face down. These covers join Bioserie’s lines of Apple oriented products. The company reports its covers were the first to be certified 100 percent biobased by the USDA.


Green Sports Alliance Summit
September 5-7 | Seattle, WA
We've parts with the Green Sports Alliance and a range of 3rd party experts on Zero Waste to bring you the Ingeo Eco-Innovation Lounge. Be sure to stop by to learn about best practices for enabling zero-waste venues.

SPC Fall Meeting Members Only
September10-11 | Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, will present Addressing Sustainable Feedstock Concerns.

Sustainable Packaging Forum
September 11-13 | Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, will present Bioplastics After Use: Addressing the Post Consumer Concerns and Questions.

September 25-27 | Nuremberg, Germany
Come meet with our European team at our booth in Hall 9, #9-656!

8th PFC World Summit
September 26-27 | Berlin, Germany
Erwin Vink, Environmental Affairs Manager presents Making bioplastics into one of the building blocks for a more sustainable and bio-based economy.

Biopolymers Symposium
Oct 15-17 | San Antonio, TX
Doug Kunnemann, Business Segment Director, Fresh Food Packaging and Food Service will present on the Innovative Management Strategies for End of Life panel. Steve Davies, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, will present Addressing Feedstock Sustainability Concerns - An Ingeo Case Study.

EFIB 2012
October 16-18 | Dusseldorf, Germany
Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO, will participate in a debate on the future of industrial biotechnology with other CEO's from the industry.

Thin Wall Packaging
December 3-5 | Cologne, Germany
Marc Vergauwen, Commercial Director - Europe, presents Ingeo Biopolymer: A tool to improve sustainability of packaging.