Ingeo News: April 2021

Ingeo 3D700, a newly developed PLA grade for large-format additive manufacturing, provides significant reduction in warping, minimizes print failure

Testing by NatureWorks’ global partners demonstrates a shrink rate less than 0.25% in printed parts and obtainable lower print temperatures due to optimized melt viscosity & microstructure

MINNETONKA, Minn., (April 14, 2021) — NatureWorks continues to grow its portfolio of Ingeo™️ biopolymers specially designed for additive manufacturing with the introduction of Ingeo 3D700 for use in large-format 3D printing. Monofilaments made with Ingeo biopolymer PLA are broadly used in the desktop 3D printing market having notable performance characteristics such as precise detail, good adhesion to build plates with no heating needed, reduced warping or curling, and low odor while printing. These properties make Ingeo well-suited for 3D printing using many different types of printers and for a broad range of printing applications from consumer-level to industrial applications.


Multiple partners evaluated Ingeo 3D700 for use in large-format fused filament fabrication (FFF) and direct resin-to-print processes with positive results.

“In our testing, we found that Ingeo 3D700 goes one step further towards reducing warpage in large-format prints beyond previous Ingeo PLA grades designed for 3D printing,” said Xiaofan Luo, President at Polymaker, a leading manufacturer of 3D printing material and filament. In addition to lower shrinkage, Polymaker also measured improved z-layer adhesion when printing with Ingeo 3D700.

Dyze Design, an extruder designer and supplier of components for large-format printers, ran print tests comparing Ingeo 3D850, a grade already known for its low-shrink characteristics, and Ingeo 3D700. “Our tests showed that a large-format part printed using Ingeo 3D850 demonstrated a shrink rate of 1.25%. In comparison, the same part printed with Ingeo 3D700 had a shrink rate of less than 0.25%,” said Philippe Carrier, CTO at Dyze. “Because Ingeo 3D700 also has a higher throughput rate, we were able to successfully print at the lower temperature of 190ºC without seeing shrinkage or warping in the part.”

Read the full press release here.

Rethinking the Paper Cup with Ingeo 1102

If you missed NatureWorks’ Andrea Auchter’s presentation, “Rethinking the Paper Cup - Extrusion Process Optimization for Compostability & Recyclability” at the TAPPI International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Virtual Event on March 17th, you can now view it in full on the NatureWorks YouTube channel. In the presentation, Andrea discusses the recent white paper featuring Ingeo 1102 - the new, compostable, and biobased PLA grade designed specifically for the extrusion coating process. 

The Surge of Compostable Coffee Capsules and Why There’s No Turning Back

Learn how compostable coffee pods made with Ingeo biopolymer are changing the single-serve beverage market in this recent presentation from NatureWorks’ expert, Flavio Di Marcotullio. Originally presented at AMI’s Single-Serve Capsules virtual summit in March, Flavio covers universal circular economy policy goals, the surge in demand for compostable capsules, the value of compost, and the new NatureWorks Data Acquisition System (DAQ). 

MatterHackers’ First Podcast Features Ingeo PLA & Dan Sawyer

3D printing industry gurus, Matterhackers, have announced the start of “The Matterhackers Podcast” featuring their VP of Product and Technology, Dave Gaylord, as he shares deep dives into 3D printing, machines, materials, and more through interviews and behind the scenes processes.

The first episode of this brand new podcast focused exclusively on PLA and NatureWorks’ Dan Sawyer was interviewed for his expertise on the biopolymer and its use in 3D printing filament. Listen to the podcast.

Sustainability in Adhesives & Sealants in Pandemic Recovery

NatureWorks’ Commercial Director, Brian Glasbrenner, recently contributed sustainability insights to the keys of adhesives and sealants market growth even during a global pandemic in CoatingsTech.

“Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we continued to hear the same recurring themes from our supply chain. Large adhesive formulators and their customers— the end users— are all interested in renewable biobased components; they are looking to offer compostable solutions for food packaging-related applications and they are prioritizing new chemical health and safety requirements as chemicals like fluorinated materials are banned." - Brian Glasbrenner

Read the article.

Amplifying the Impact of Earth Day By Supporting Earth-Focused Nonprofits

NatureWorks is proud to support this year’s Earth Day Oregon initiative that aids nonprofit partners working to sustain UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and to create a more sustainable, more equitable, and all all-around healthier Oregon. Learn more about the program and the nonprofits Earth Day Oregon efforts support here.


Fibers & Nonwovens

Aries Creates a Breathable & Effective Face Mask
A face mask we can finally breathe in without compromising filtration! Aries has created a barrier face covering designed to keep the wearer safe and comfortable for extended periods of time. Ingeo is critical in the performance of this highly efficient, spunbond nonwoven mask. Learn more.

Food Serviceware

Eco-Products: Packaging for Real Change
Eco-Products is now the Official Zero Waste Partner of Vail Resorts. Their brand of bio-based compostable and recycled content food packaging is used by Vail Resorts to help them deliver on their Commitment to Zero goal in reaching zero net operating footprint by 2030 - including zero waste to landfill. Read Eco-Products: Packaging for Real Change.



Zurich Classic | April 19 - 25, 2021 | New Orleans, LA
NatureWorks is a proud Official Sponsor of the 2021 Zurich Classic golf tournament - the only team tournament on the PGA TOUR season.

Rethinking Materials | May 19 - 20, 2021 | Virtual Summit
NatureWorks President and CEO, Rich Altice, will join the panel, “Moving the Needle: Integrating Bio-Based Materials into Existing Supply Chains” on May 19th.

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