Ingeo News: April 2022

New Partnerships in Building NatureWorks’ Ingeo Manufacturing Plant in Thailand

As NatureWorks begins to build the new fully integrated, 75,000 ton per year Ingeo PLA manufacturing plant in Thailand, they also gain some new partnerships. ABB, John Crane, and Sulzer are among the companies enlisted to to contribute to what will be a very fruitful investment toward developing sustainable materials. Read on to see in detail each company’s contribution.

ABB to automate bioplastics plant to help meet the growing global demand for sustainable materials

”ABB technology to automate NatureWorks’ new bioplastics plant in Thailand helping to meet the increasing global market demand for sustainable materials.” Learn more.

John Crane Secures Partnership with NatureWorks in Development of New Biopolymer Manufacturing Facility
”John Crane's polymer melt filtration system will help to produce NatureWorks' Ingeo™ PLA biopolymer, a process that transforms greenhouse gases and plant sugars into bioplastic.” Learn more.

Sulzer’s PLA bioplastics production technology selected for NatureWorks’ new plant with annual capacity of 75’000 tons

”Sulzer is delivering customized state-of-the-art production technology to NatureWorks’ latest biopolymer manufacturing facility which will be located in Nakhon Sawan Biocomplex, Thailand.” Learn more.

Rethinking Materials Interviews NatureWorks President & CEO, Rich Altice

NatureWorks CEO and President, Rich Altice, was recently interviewed by Rethinking Materials as a prequel to his upcoming appearance at the show (May 4 - 5, 2022). Altice shares why NatureWorks is excited to open the NBC plant in Thailand, how the expansion will answer market demand, plus NatureWorks’ increased focus on core material science and process technology.

NatureWorks’ Tim Goodman Retires

In the last week of March, NatureWorks said farewell to to Senior Circular Economy Manager, Tim Goodman, as he retires after almost 10 years with the company. Forever appreciative for all the work Tim did and his passionate efforts to combat climate change and improve soil health and global sustainability, NatureWorks wishes Tim a great retirement!

New Plymouth, MN NatureWorks Headquarters Adds Flair for Ingeo in Additive

The brand new NatureWorks Headquarters and R&D Facilities in Plymouth, MN have been coming along nicely for the team. The amazing hexagon wall art piece by Interscapes Inc. and 3D printed by BigRep Printers with Ingeo 3D700, has been installed in the lobby. The hanging pendant lights were also printed with Ingeo.

The wall art really brings together what NatureWorks represents - the hexagon shape mimics lactide and, in the materials used, nature shows her skill of additive manufacturing in the wood, grown layer by layer just as the 3D printed hexagons were also made layer by layer with Ingeo, which is made from carbon dioxide. 

NatureWorks is on Instagram!

It’s true! NatureWorks has started an Instagram account dedicated to images of latest news and events happening at the company. Follow and see upcoming events, manufacturing plant updates, sustainability efforts, and more! Check out NatureWorks Instagram.



IDEA 2022

Back in person again! At the IDEA22 show, NatureWorks exhibited high performance nonwovens made with Ingeo at the show including Aries masks and tea bags, but the team also talked about the new NBC manufacturing plant NatureWorks is building in Thailand. Read more.

AMI Single-Serve Capsules

NatureWorks Global Industry Manager, Flavio Di Marcotullio, presented on the importance of partnerships in developing solutions in the the single-serve beverage industry at the AMI Single-Serve Capsules show.

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