Ingeo News: Vol 15, Iss 5

June 2020

Field Testing Shows Ingeo Coffee Capsules Pass EU Standard for Disintegration in Composting

NatureWorks, Flo, and the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC) teamed up to conduct a composting field trial with Ingeo™-based GEA coffee capsules in an industrial composting facility. The goal was to evaluate the compostability of the capsules over an 83-day time period.

Together, we tested the Ingeo-based GEA capsules from Flo designed to be compatible with A Modo Mio brewing systems. The capsules were filled with coffee, sealed, and submitted either unused or used (brewed). The final results yielded that both the unused and brewed capsules showed a disintegration rate between 98 - 100%, which is fully compliant with the EU standard EN13432 for compostable biopolymers. Read the field study here.

Covim produces compostable coffee capsules with Ingeo

Packaging World recently published their article, "Compostable Coffee Capsules Deliver Espresso", based on the current release of Covim's new Natural Elements line of coffee capsules made with Ingeo and designed for Nespresso and Lavazza A Modo Mio espresso brewing systems. NatureWorks' Flavio Di Marcotullio was interviewed for the article and he explains how the capsules came together with Flo's Gea capsule design and how single-serve coffee capsule designs are one of the most difficult packaging items on the market: " has to preserve the quality of coffee before the brewing process, then it has to deliver the perfect aroma experience during the brewing step, and finally, it should also be environmentally friendly." Read the full article here.

Understanding the Value and Boundaries of Life Cycle Analysis

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) recently released their "Review of the Life Cycle Analysis Report on Compostable Food Serviceware Published by Oregon DEQ" response to the August 2018, Oregon DEQ report titled, “The Significance of Environmental Attributes as Indicators of the Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Packaging and Food Service Ware.” BPI Members with expertise in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology have reviewed the published report and its LCA studies assessed, and found that for the “Compostable” attribute, several of the conclusions are based on flawed methodologies and outdated or misleading inputs. But, BPI states, more importantly, the study fails to account for how compostable products are linked to value compost and the composting process and their impact on overall carbon emissions. Accounting for this impact is critically important for understanding the true environmental footprint of compostable materials. Read the article here.

International Compost Awareness Week Emphasizes the Positive Impact Compost has on Soil Health

The annual celebration of International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) was May 3-9, 2020. 
ICAW is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry and this year was the 25th anniversary of the event. This year's event was a good opportunity to share the important impacts of organics recycling and compost can have, as well as how compostable packaging can contribute to those impacts.

Highlighting how compostable products can fit into existing compost infrastructure, we shared the recent composting study by Wageningen University & Research in which they found that the compostable products made of polylactic acid (PLA) disintegrated faster than other items in compost such as orange peels or paper, and couldn't be recovered even after one composting cycle of 11 days.

We also shared a take on the Drawdown Review called "Project Drawdown for Composters" from US Composting Council in which they point out that how the Drawdown researchers lay out 2 ambitious scenarios to achieve their emission reduction goals if all solutions are applied globally. Among the list of key climate solutions are bioplastics and composting, which include impacts such as:

  • Increased soil health
  • Reduced pesticide & chemical use in gardening and agriculture
  • Reduction in soil-borne & other plant diseases
  • Reduced methane emissions from landfills by diverting more food waste to compost
  • Compost offers a significant answer to climate change mitigation
  • Read more on the NatureWorks Composting page here.



    COVID-19 Action and Resources
    Throughout the pandemic, Protoplant has kept their manufacturing site running to meet the needs of their Proto-Pasta 3D filament in printing critical PPE. The company also added an Action and Resources page to their website for manufacturing and shipping for COVID-19 related emergencies. The page offers quick links to filament order forms, fundraisers, and discounts. 


    BASF Emmen donates Ingeo-based filaments as raw material for face protectors and respiratory equipment made with 3D printers.
    During this COVID-19 crisis, BASF 3D Printing Solutions in Emmen, producer of high-quality filaments for 3D printers, has already donated 150 spools of Ultrafuse filament to their distributor in Spain. Volunteers went to work en masse to make parts for face protectors and breathing valves. Spaniards were not allowed to leave their homes due to the pandemic, so volunteers affixed special posters and flags to their homes to alert emergency services that the needed parts were ready to be picked up and distributed to hospitals.

    In addition, BASF Emmen supplies filament for a similar project in Romania. "Several parties, including the government and a 3D printer manufacturer, are working on the development of a respirator using 3D printers. We supplied 150 spools for the project free of charge. They can make hundreds of devices with them," said Sam de Jong, sales manager in Emmen.

    MCPP: 3D printing offers support in many good projects against COVID-19
    After the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, MCPP Netherlands, one of the largest PLA filament manufacturers worldwide, received many requests for supporting spontaneous initiatives such as the printing of masks and parts for face shields.

    For every initiative that MCPP Netherlands approves, they donate filament made with Ingeo and some PETG.

    The initiatives which MCPP Netherlands supports provide assistance to national health services that have been hit hard by the virus, such as Spain, Italy, France, and Great Britain. Face masks or fan parts have been printed for hospitals, police, care institutions, and universities in various countries such as Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

     In this worldwide demand for filament, MCPP has been supporting foundations such as Makeforgood, 3Dprintzorglab, and the JuniorIOT. In the JuniorIOT project, children contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by printing needed splash masks and their latest project, JuniorClip, which is an ear-saver clip for surgical masks.



    Face Masks and COVID-19: The New Golden Fleece of Fabrics | May 15, 2020 | Sustainable Nonwovens Webinar

    NatureWorks' Robert Green and Eamonn Tighe joined the recent Sustainable Nonwovens webinar discussing the effective use of Ingeo in filtration for better processing speed and efficiency in new N95 masks made by the Nonwovens Institute

    Robert Green noted during the webinar, "Specifically for meltblown, Ingeo makes stiffer, smaller fibers that creates a web with lower pressure drops, and a finer level of filtration.

    We also get a significant amount of strength (with Ingeo) as compared to conventional meltblown fabric, so that allows this product to be cut and sewn for use in face masks, potentially giving it a broader range of use."

    Read more: Ingeo in the new N95 mask technology from Nonwovens Institute
    Check out: webinar recap article from Sustainable Nonwovens


    BBIA Webinar: Implementation of the New Extended Producer Responsibility scheme in Italy for compostable packaging
    June 16, 2020 | 14:00 PM - 15:30 PM BST / 8 AM - 9:30 AM CST
    NatureWorks' Mariagiovanna Vetere will join this discussion. The event will look at recent developments in Italy, following government approval of a new programme for the management of compostable packaging. The programme, known as Biorepak, will be run within the national EPR scheme for packaging that is managed by a joint government-business consortium known as CONAI, the National Consortium for Packaging.
    The event is free, please register here.

    SPC Advance Virtual
    September 29 - 30 | online
    NatureWorks' Shannon Pinc will be a table leader for the roundtable discussion: How can brands and suppliers work with municipalities and composters to plan for the future of compostable packaging?

    6th World PLA Congress
    October 7 - 8 | Munich, Germany
    NatureWorks' Erwin Vink will present "Designing the Complexity of Organics Recycling".

    14th Bioplastics Market
    October 21 - 22 | Bangkok
    NatureWorks' Ian Toh will be present "Step-changes to creating a circular economy for biomaterials".

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