We make Ingeo, a new material for plastics & fibers with unique properties that all begin with greenhouse gases.

how it works

Our Process

Our Process Starts with Greenhouse Gas

We use plants to transform greenhouse gases into sugars we can ferment. Our R&D team is also working on new technology to skip plants entirely.

How Ingeo is Made


We Convert Lactic Acid into Ingeo

Our technology converts lactic acid into a portfolio of Ingeo PLA (polylactic acid) polymers each tailored to a set of specific performance attributes.



Our Partners Form Ingeo into Products

Ingeo polymers and fibers are used by our partners to make a wide-range of innovative products from coffee capsules to yogurt cups to baby wipes.

Ingeo in Use

How it Performs

Our transformational technology creates a whole new raw material with a unique mix of performance attributes not found in traditional plastics, fibers & chemicals. Ingeo can make a coffee capsule compostable, add O2 barrier to films, and simplify transparency in form-fill-seal applications. The possibilities are endless with a dedication to innovation.

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