Smart Care

At NatureWorks, our corporate philosophy is about doing things in a responsible way – including giving our customers the tools and resources for success in the marketplace. Our Smart Care program has been designed to help you assure proper handling of rigid thermoformed parts made from Ingeo biopolymer. Below are our recommended care and handling communications along with useful Smart Care shipping and handling icons.

Our Smart Care program offers multiple elements that can be used to educate and communicate many of the best practices for the care and handling of thermoformed products made from Ingeo biopolymer. Feel free to download and print these documents for your use.

Smart Care Program Elements

Smart Care Shipping Carton Care & Handling Icons

We have created a series of Care & Handling Icons for placement on your shipping cartons to help facilitate proper handling in the distribution of your product. Feel free to utilize the combination of icons that work best for your situation or products. Simply download and give these print-ready files to your carton supplier for printing.