Electronics and Appliances

There are some things you should be able to take for granted, and when it comes to materials, that means the basics like heat performance, mechanical properties, and processing ease are a given. Ingeo delivers the performance and is a safe, bio-based, low carbon material.

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Electronics and Appliances


  • Excellent gloss, transparency, and clarity
  • Easy to blend, mold, shape, emboss and print
  • Excellent form and stiffness
  • Fits existing systems and performs functionality in composites
  • Grades designed for impact, modulus, and heat stability
  • Safe material that contains no BPA, no phthalates, no styrene
  • Bio-based material made from renewable resources
  • Validated low carbon footprint
  • Multiple end-of-life options
Ingeo PLA electronic casings
Ingeo PLA office equipment
Ingeo PLA phone cases

Saving Energy with an Ingeo Refrigerator Liner

Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that by replacing HIPS with our new Ingeo system for refrigerator liners, energy consumption is reduced by 7% to 13% annually over the life of a refrigerator. See the full study here.

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