Anaerobic Digestion

End of life options should be considered carefully for any product. It’s part of the philosophy underlying sustainable materials management and the circular economy. What happens to objects that are thrown away is complex and varies greatly by product and geography. Anaerobic digestion is one path of many for managing waste, and comes with complexities of its own.

Products made with Ingeo can be processed through various AD systems depending both on the type of product and type of system. We are currently working on understanding how items made with Ingeo behave across AD systems, and not all the data is in yet. We do know that Ingeo products can be wholly compatible when digestate is sent to aerobic composting.

Overview of Anaerobic Digestion from European Bioplastics

European Bioplastics has developed a fact sheet that details the landscape of anaerobic digestion, process technologies, bioplastic compatibilities, certifications, standards, and opportunities.

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