Cards, Cartons, & Non-Food Packaging

These items usually have one thing in common...PVC, but there's a way to make them better — to manufacture them without the phthalates and the fossil fuel origins. Ingeo cards, cartons & packaging perform the way you'd expect, but are also biobased from renewable resources.


  • Excellent clarity & gloss
  • Great scoring & die cutting properties
  • Versatile & easy to transform
  • Cartons are compatible with applications requiring radio frequency and sonic sealing
  • Cards can be used for gift, gaming, hotel keys, loyalty & some transactional cards
  • Cards work easily in applications requiring security features and magnetic strips
  • Film laminates available for cards and magnetic strips
  • Safe material alternative to PVC
  • Validated low-carbon footprint
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Multiple end-of-life options
Ingeo PLA cards


paper composites

Paper Composites

Ingeo PLA folded carton


Ingeo PLA blister packaging

Blister Packaging