Food Serviceware

Serviceware made with Ingeo performs in hot and cold applications while enabling opportunities for landfill diversion and zero waste.

Applications | Plastic

  • Provides excellent gloss, clarity, and printability
  • High heat-stable grades available for multiple applications including cup lids, cutlery, plates and straws
  • Easy to shape, mold, and emboss with excellent form and stiffness
  • Opportunity to downgauge using less material
  • Made from renewable resources
Ingeo PLA clear cup

Clear Cups

Ingeo PLA plates


Ingeo PLA straws


Ingeo PLA cutlery


Ingeo PLA takeout container

Takeout Trays

Ingeo PLA hot cup lid

Hot Cup Lids

Ingeo PLA deli container

Deli Containers

Applications | Coated Paper

  • Provides excellent gloss and printability
  • Easy to roll, shape, and form final cups
  • Opportunity to reduce coating weight and improve processing line times compared to other bio-based coatings
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Validated low carbon footprint
  • Multiple end-of-life options
  • Ingeo resin is BPI certified for industrial composting
Ingeo PLA cold paper cup

Paper Cups

Ingeo PLA hot paper cup

Paper Hot Cups

Ingeo PLA hot bowl

Paper Hot Bowls

Digital Printing for Ingeo Cups

See Box has applied the latest in Swiss digital printing technology to their Riiqi Cup brand of Ingeo™ compostable cold cups to provide a new level of vibrant graphics, and eliminate the need for minimum order quantities.

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High Heat Technology

Jointly developed between Northern Technologies International Corporation and NatureWorks, this biobased & compostable resin platform is engineered for disposable serviceware where high heat performance and dimensional stability are critical.
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Case Study

In 2014 Target Field introduced Ingeo-based food serviceware made by Eco-Products. Target Field has diverted 100% of their food scraps and compostable concession products away from landfill and to a commercial composting facility. 

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