Food & Beverage Packaging

Foods from yogurt to strawberries to coffee, can find themselves in naturally advanced packaging made with Ingeo. Rethinking food and beverage packaging in Ingeo enables intentional design integrating new performance attributes from function to finish.


Ingeo's versatility means fiber, film, and rigid parts can be integrated into packaging systems like form-fill-seal yogurt containers or coffee capsules that desire performance attributes such as compostability.


  • Provides excellent gloss, transparency and clarity
  • Exceptional flavor and aroma barrier properties
  • Easy to shape, print, and emboss
  • Better rigidity means thermoformed packaging can be downgauged to use less material
  • Foam trays are naturally light weight and safe for use with meats, produce, dairy and eggs
  • Foam trays offer great moisture barrier, are available for case-ready packaging, and withstand rigors of packaging equipment
  • Films are have excellent shrink, folding, and twist properties
  • Structured layered performance films available
  • Validated low carbon footprint
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Multiple end of-life options including composting and recycling


  • Fiber structures provide neutral odor & taste
  • Nonwovens heat-moldable properties can lock in shapes
  • Fiber transparency showcases package contents
  • Outstanding water transport
  • Validated low carbon footprint
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Multiple end of-life options including composting
Ingeo form fill seal containers

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Ultrasonic Welding in Compostable Coffee Capsules

Our partners use ultrasonic welding to seal the lid and flexible, nonwoven filter in coffee capsules to the rigid capsule exterior with easily tunable, high-frequency vibrations, allowing Ingeo to stay well below its melting point during the manufacturing process.
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Transparent, Cost-Efficient Form-Fill-Seal Containers

Ingeo is the easy, cost-effective solution for form-fill-seal transparent containers as recently featured in Canadian Packaging. Combining Ingeo's stiffness, barrier properties, & clarity creates superior package performance compared to PS, PP, or PET.
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