Landscape and Agriculture

Nowovens, films, and rigid parts made with Ingeo can be designed to enhance plant growth, drain landscapes, or control weeds. All unique ways to make it grow.


  • Technical applications providing performance such as additional fabric resilience, tensile strength
  • Nonwovens have outstanding water transport properties
  • Tailored hydrolysis in sacrificial industrial applications
  • In rigid parts, easy to blend, mold, shape, emboss
  • Works with ease in structured layered performance films
  • Excellent printability
  • Validated low carbon footprint & non-renewable energy use
  • Multiple end-of-life options including the opportunity to design for compostability
Ingeo PLA fabric pots

Fabric Pots

Ingeo PLA mulch film

Mulch Film

Ingeo PLA tomato clips and pegs

Tomato Clips & Pegs

Ingeo PLA landscape drainage

Landscape Drains

Ingeo PLA plastic pots

Plastic Pots

Ingeo PLA twine


Ingeo PLA landscape fabric

Landscape Fabric

Ingeo PLA rooting substrate

Rooting Substrate

Ingeo PLA trash bags