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At Heimtextil, Ingeo™ fiber moves beyond strictly commercial aims, helping to promote the issues that lie behind this fiber's success.

MINNETONKA, Minn., January 11, 2006 – Ingeo fiber returns to Heimtextil for the third year in a row, riding the wave of its success throughout the entire spectrum of the textile industry. The first man-made fiber created from 100% annually renewable resources, Ingeo fiber is a novel product that combines the best of both worlds: the performance of a synthetic fiber and the advantages of a natural material. Because it is derived entirely from natural sources, Ingeo fiber contributes to reducing our dependence on limited fossil fuel resources such as oil.

Given the success of Ingeo fiber's recent initiatives, like its Earth Month celebration in May of 2005, NatureWorks LLC will be taking advantage of this important international venue to showcase three different aspects of its corporate strategy, playfully referred to as "The Three C's of Ingeo fiber": Commerce, Creativity and Communication.


The growing range of commercial products that use this fiber as their preferred choice of raw material would not be possible without the dedicated support and drive from commercial partners. Their products, initiatives and successes are confirmation of the importance of the Ingeo fiber message. Heimtextil 2006 will see the largest ever range of commercial products that use Ingeo fiber placed on display for commercial retail adoption and include:

  • Abeil (Hall: 8.0 Walkway: B Stand: 53) will present quilts, pillows and cover fabrics with 100% Ingeo fiber.
  • Bossi (Hall: 9.1 Walkway: B Stand: 09 ) offer quilts created with Ingeo fiber.
  • Casalegno ( Hall: 3.1 Walkway: F Stand: 25), Griva ( Hall: 3.1 Walkway: E Stand: 30 ) and Cavelli (Hall: 3.1 Walkway: F Stand: 17 ) will offer a range of fabrics for curtains, all created with Ingeo fiber.
  • Centa-Star (Hall: 8.0 Walkway: G Stand: 64 - Hall: 8.0 Walkway: J Stand: 50 ), offer a 50% Ingeo fiber, 50% primaloft PES fleece (a new non-woven fleece product).
  • Copertificio Zambaiti (Hall: 9.1 Walkway: B Stand: 03 ) with throws (100% Ingeo fiber) and blankets (90% Ingeo fiber; 10% Wool) in a number of different colors and designs.
  • Faribault Mills ( Hall: 9.0 Walkway: E Stand: 46 ) offer Ingeo fiber blankets in both 100% and blends.
  • Filatura Pettinata Alta Biella ( Hall: 4.1 Walkway: G Stand: 30 ) present fiber and yarns produced with Ingeo fiber.
  • Frankenstolz (Hall: 8.0 Walkway: E Stand: 54 ) the number one pillow and duvet producer in Germany, will exhibit duvets with 100% Ingeo fiber fill.
  • Il Guanciale di Somma (Hall: 9.0 Walkway: F Stand: 24 ) will show pillows, mattress covers and pillowcases in a wide variety of type and style.
  • Molina ( Hall: 8.0 Walkway: B Stand: 21 ) are presenting a new range of pillows, quilts and mattress covers.
  • Noyfil Italia S.p.A. (Hall: 3.0 Walkway: E Stand: 60 ) will present several new Ingeo fiber-based products.
  • Sanders (Hall: 8.0 Walkway: A Stand: 30 ), have a range of woven fabrics in 100% Ingeo fiber
  • Toray Industries Inc. ( Hall: 4.1 Walkway: J Stand: 31 ) present a very diverse range of Ingeo fiber home textile fabrics.
  • Waldenburger Bettwaren (Hall: 8.0 Walkway: F Stand: 52 ) , with NEUHEIT by Walburga®, an Ingeo fiber product line collection that can be supplied as a Summer, Mono, Duo and all season duvets as well as a complementary range of pillows.
  • Willefert ( Hall 9.0 Walkway: D Stand: 38 ) presenting quilts and pillows with 100% Ingeo fiber fill, and cover fabrics in 100% Ingeo fiber


The Creative Gallery (all day, every day; Hall 8.0, Booth C78)

The Creative Gallery is an initiative organized primarily by the internationally recognized textile association Material ConneXion Milano. Here we will see different innovative "objects" drawn from international brands, each connected to the other by a shared value and vision - sustainability. These eco-sustainable products are the protagonists that well interpret the growing demand from the consumer for more responsible products that are also both functional and beautiful. These are tangible proof of the alternative choices and solutions available today. Fittingly, the Ingeo fiber story rounds out the display, as the most recent, contemporary response to changing the way we think about textiles.

Ingeo fiber is using its position as a participant in this creative event to drive home a fundamental new philosophy for public and professionals alike: the new aesthetics and the opportunities of sustainability and responsibility. In the past, so-called "green" products were often characterized as worthy but sometimes lacking in appeal or availability. Today's modern generation of environmentally friendly textiles excel in every area. Ingeo fiber is a perfect example of this: a new generation of synthetic material that is natural in origin, more sustainable and is the first man-made fiber with greenhouse-gas-neutral* credentials. Ingeo fiber can meet or beat standards set by the conventional textile offer. Stop by The Creative Gallery and see for yourself just how extraordinary this new fiber can be.


The Round Table (January 11th 2005, 3 PM; Hall 8.1, Symmetrie 3)

The round table will offer dialogue, to be sure, but also collaboration, investigation and argument. Following the success of round table discussions previously conducted in major international cities such as New York, Milan and Munich, Ingeo fiber will participate in a panel discussion organized to explore the issues of responsible innovation and sustainability within the textile industry. Seven speakers and an independent moderator have been selected from different areas of the international home textile market and will be brought together to help fuel the debate on how to effect change within the textile industry, fostering a concerted drive towards an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way of doing business. This kind of approach to current issues captures the innovative spirit that Ingeo fiber represents. NatureWorks LLC, the company behind Ingeo fiber, is proud to be a participant

In addition to these activities, there will be a broad range of other companies bringing an increasing level of attention and awareness to the movement that Ingeo fiber represents. Thanks to the commercial success these companies and others like them, a vast range of industry players from all levels are working together to transform the way we think about the textile business of the future.

Change is possible. Choice is available. Ingeo fiber, the first and only man-made fiber produced from 100% annually renewable resources - not oil

About NatureWorks

Founded in 1997, NatureWorks LLC is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA And is wholly owned by Cargill It is the first company to offer a family of commercially available polymers derived from annually renewable resources with the cost and performance to compete with petroleum-based packaging materials and fibers. The company has achieved this breakthrough by applying its unique technology to the processing of natural plant sugars to create a proprietary polylactide polymer, the world's first greenhouse-gas-neutral* polymer, which is marketed under the NatureWorks® PLA and Ingeo™ fiber brand names. For more information about NatureWorks and its brands, please visit


Ingeo and the Ingeo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the USA and other countries.

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