Ingeo News: December 2023

NatureWorks appoints Erik Ripple as new president and CEO, Compostable coffee capsules made with Ingeo score high in sustainability, Bamberger Polymers and NatureWorks distribution partnership, Growth of US-based industrial composting infrastructure boosted by EPA grants, and more.

NatureWorks公司任命Erik Ripple先生为新总裁兼首席执行官


네이처웍스, Erik Ripple을 신임 사장 겸 CEO로 임명

Ripple은 태국 내 새로운 75kta Ingeo 바이오폴리머 제조 시설의 건설을 통해 시장의 성장과 혁신을 선도하고 있는 NatureWorks에 합류했습니다.

ネイチャーワークス社、新社長兼CEOにErik Ripple(エリック・リップル)を任命

市場をリードする成長とイノベーションを継続し、タイにおいて75ktaの生産能力を持つ新たなIngeo(インジオ)バイオポリマー製造拠点の建設を進めているネイチャーワークス社の新社長にErik Ripple(エリック・リップル)が就任

NatureWorks公司任命Erik Ripple為新總裁兼首席執行長


NatureWorks Appoints Erik Ripple New President and CEO

Ripple joins NatureWorks as it continues market-leading growth and innovation with construction of new 75kta Ingeo biopolymer manufacturing facility underway in Thailand.

Compostable Coffee Capsules Made with NatureWorks’ Ingeo Biopolymer Score Highest Sustainability Marks in New Study by Wageningen University & Research

The study concludes that compostable coffee capsules are the most sustainable option when considering both greenhouse emissions and material circularity.

Ingeo News: November 2023

Next construction phase is underway for NatureWorks’ Thailand facility, PFNonwovens develops Ingeo-based nonwovens with improved softness, Compostable by Design platform has launched in Europe, New Ingeo distributor for US & Canada: Channel Prime Alliance, and more.

NatureWorks Announces Next Phase of Construction on New Fully Integrated Ingeo™️ PLA Biopolymer Manufacturing Facility in Thailand

The leading manufacturer of low-carbon polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers is on track to complete construction on their newest manufacturing facility with full production anticipated in 2025.

Ingeo News: September 2023

Sustainability strides made at a PGA TOUR tournament, Ingeo-based floral foam takes home a sustainability award at Interflora, Households with access to food waste collection for composting grew by 47%, Summer shows: TCT Asia and the first-ever BPI Summit, and more.

NatureWorks and Jabil Collaborate to Offer New Ingeo PLA-based Powder for Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing Platforms

Renewably sourced biomaterials and lower sintering temperature result in a more sustainable substrate for powder bed fusion technologies requiring less energy use and a carbon footprint 89% smaller than PA-12.

NatureWorks introduces new Ingeo biopolymer solution for improved softness and strength in biobased nonwovens for hygiene applications

Delivering enhanced fluid management, improved tensile strength and up to 40% increase in softness offering a better performing spunbond nonwoven that minimizes converting challenges while providing a 62% smaller carbon footprint.

NatureWorks Celebrates Construction Milestone for New Fully Integrated Ingeo™️ PLA Biopolymer Manufacturing Facility in Thailand

NatureWorks hosted a cornerstone laying ceremony to celebrate construction of their new Ingeo™️ PLA manufacturing complex in Thailand. The ceremony which took place on February 1st, 2023 commemorated the progress made to date on the new fully integrated biopolymer facility.

Ingeo News: May 2023

NatureWorks collaborates with Jabil for Ingeo-based powder for 3D printing, NatureWorks introduces Ingeo 6500D for softer nonwovens, and Zero-Waste Weekend at UGA.

Ingeo News: April 2023

NatureWorks Cornerstone laying ceremony in Thailand, Biden's goal to replace 90% of plastics with biomaterials, EUBP on PPWR, careers at NatureWorks, and more.

Ingeo News: July 2023

Zero-waste a major focus for college students, contributions to the financial success of the bioeconomy, help support the COMPOST Act in the US, Corporate Compost Leadership Council progress, & NEW report on consumer perceptions of compostable packaging.

Ingeo News: August 2023

Zero waste at the PGA’s 3M Open, Talking Good Garbage with Steve Davies, Growing compost infrastructure in the US, Demands for compostable packaging over recycled packaging increase, Wind turbine 3D printed from biopolymers, and more.

Ingeo News: June 2023

Top 3 Industry Trends, BioHome3D - the first 100% biobased 3D printed home made with Ingeo, a WIN for composting industry in Minnesota, and NatureWorks and Jabil bring PLA 3110P to Rapid + TCT.

Ingeo News: March 2023

Capacity Enhancing Technologies at the NatureWorks Plant in Blair, NE, see the new corporate video, NatureWorks opens a new office in Bangkok, the first National Biobased Products Day, and more.