Ingeo News: February 2024

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Luxury packaging doesn’t have to sacrifice sustainability

At the recent Paris Packaging Week, PLASTIGRAF TREVIGIANA S.R.L. showcased their Thinking PLA packaging that uses Ingeo-based film on paper or cardboard to create a range of high-end finishes for secondary packaging tailor-made for the luxury goods and food packaging industry. Using biobased materials like paper and Ingeo biopolymer together improves environmental footprint, introduces options for recyclability, and offers a high quality product experience to consumers. Learn more about Ingeo 4 series for Films

A Big Idea

Spain’s fee reduction for compostable packaging

Ecoembes, the EPR scheme managing packaging in Spain, has announced a significant reduction in fees for compostable packaging. The cost has dropped from €0.544/kg to just €0.223/kg, making packaging made from compostable resins more affordable than fossil-based packaging. We're eager to see Ecoembes follow Italy's lead by working closely with local authorities and composters to capture the benefits of compostable products as they help divert more food scraps to compost. Here's to a more sustainable future! Read more

Click of the Month

GreenScreen Certification shows packaging is free from PFAS

In a new interview in New Hope Network, Nicole Whiteman, Strategic Marketing Manager at NatureWorks, shared how GreenScreen certification can reassure consumers that packaging materials are safe and free of PFAS as well as other chemicals of concern. Read the Article

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PODCAST: Would compostable rigid PLA make sense for your business?

NatureWorks Applications Development Engineer, Andrea Auchter, shares thoughts on clear rigid thermoformed containers, to food serviceware, to 3D printing. Listen here

AMERIPEN Member Spotlight - NatureWorks

NatureWorks Sr. Circular Economy Manager, Shannon Pinc, discusses her background, current role, and thoughts on the top priority of packaging. Read the interview

WATCH: Prusa Research uses Ingeo for their 3D printing filament

Strange Parts visited Prusa Research and talked to their head of filament development about how they use Ingeo in their PLA filament production. Watch the video

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Upcoming Events

CLIB International Conference CIC2024 | February 21 - 22 | Düsseldorf
NatureWorks' Mariagiovanna Vetere will join "Session 3: Panel discussion on Implementing biomanufacturing: national or international effort?"

AMI Single Serve Capsules | March 19 - 20 | Boston, MA
NatureWorks' Flavio Di Marcotullio and IMA will present, "Leveraging the strengths of two partners in the value chain to deliver new turn-key solution for compostable coffee capsules" at this event.

SPC Impact | April 2 - 4 | New Orleans, LA
NatureWorks will speak at this event.

PBPC 2024: Circular Solutions | April 8 - 10 | Omaha, NE
NatureWorks will attend and sponsor this event.

Chinaplas | April 23 - 26 | Shanghai, China
NatureWorks will exhibit at this event.

NPE2024 | May 6 - 10 | Orlando, FL
NatureWorks will exhibit at this event.

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