Ingeo News: July 2023

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In today’s Ingeo News:
    • Zero-waste is a major focus for college students

    • Contributions to the financial success of the bioeconomy

    • Help support the COMPOST Act in the US

    • Corporate Compost Leadership Council - progress! from the last 3 years

    • New Report on consumer perceptions of compostable packaging

Students are Activated for Zero Waste

This year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit had a focus on sustainability initiatives happening at colleges like Texas A&M, Clemson University, the University of Washington, and the University of Georgia. One trend was clear, upcoming generations are interested in zero waste, compostable food serviceware, and the effect composting can have on mitigating climate change. Zero waste event successes, where front-of-house waste is collected, have become a valuable way to demonstrate how these systems can work for diverting food waste. A common resource for implementing compostable serviceware can be found in the Food Waste Diversion & Compostable Packaging Playbook. 👇

Food Waste Diversion & Compostable Packaging Playbook

Climate action is a team sport! NatureWorks collaborated with the Green Sports Alliance, AgRecycle, EcoProducts, Nature-Tec, and others to produce this helpful resource for venue and stadium operators. This playbook specifically addresses how to facilitate food waste diversion and the impact it has on greenhouse emissions and climate. For more, contact NatureWorks.

A Big Idea

NatureWorks' contributions to the bioeconomy

As a keynote speaker for the World BioEconomy Forum, Mariagiovanna Vetere shared how NatureWorks contributes to the bioeconomy and how the new fully integrated “sugar forward” manufacturing plant in Thailand is an investment in research and technology.

Click of the Month

Support the COMPOST Act

Now is the time to urge your congresspersons and senators to support the COMPOST Act. Even if you’ve written before, it’s important to reach out again. If approved, the money will be a game-changer for more healthy soils and regenerative practices reaching ALL corners of the US. Support the COMPOST Act.

Quick Hits

Corporate Compost Leadership Council

The progress the Corporate Compost Leadership Council has made over the past 3+ years is impressive! NatureWorks is thrilled to play a part in building the US compost infrastructure.

Zero Waste Weekend - UGA

NatureWorks helped consult on successful Zero Waste Weekend student-run campaign at the University of GA. All three games exceeded the pilot’s target of 90+% waste diversion and almost 60% was sent to the Athens-Clarke County Composting Facility.

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Recent Events

Green Sports Alliance Summit 2023

June 26 - 28 | Seattle, WA

NatureWorks joined this year’s GSA Summit and moderated the panel, "Issues that matter to the next generation and their impact."

Manufacturing Renew3D

June 21 | Knoxville, TN

NatureWorks’ Dan Sawyer participated in the panel, "Material Solutions to Sustainability", which featured the impact of biobased materials on the 3D printing industry.

Upcoming Events

3M Open | July 27 - 30 | Blaine, MN
NatureWorks is a Sustainability Sponsor of this event for a third consecutive year.

Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Annual Meeting | July 30 - August 2, 2023 | Minneapolis, MN
NatureWorks Interim CEO, Jill Zullo, will speak at this event.

Stay up-to-date with where NatureWorks will be on our News & Events page.