High Performance Grades

We recently announced the addition of new high productivity & performance grades 3100HP and 6100D to the Ingeo family of biopolymers. These new grades bring new features to the Ingeo performance portfolio including:

  • faster quiescent crystallization speeds (leading to faster cycle times)
  • higher levels of crystallinity
  • higher stiffness above the glass transition temperature (Tg)
  • higher crystalline melting temperatures
  • higher degrees of stress-induced crystallization at lower strain levels (or higher temperatures)

These new products offer structure & property capabilities that can enhance performance across a broad range of applications including:

  • injection molding
  • profile extrusion
  • sheet extrusion
  • thermoforming
  • rotational molding
  • compression molding
  • cast, blown (inflation) and oriented films
  • fibers, filaments, textiles, nonwovens and spunmelt nonwovens
  • foam applications
  • emulsions and coatings
  • composites, blends or reactively coupled polymer systems
  • blow molding
  • injection blow molding
  • extrusion blow molding
  • injection-stretch blow molding
  • filament or substrate for 3D printing


These presentations on the high performance Ingeo grades were developed by Jed Randall of NatureWorks, presented in 2012 at industry conferences and contain more in-depth information.

 New High Performance Ingeo Grades from NatureWorks for Fiber/Nonwovens, Injection Molding, and Durables

 Enhancing Performance of Biopolymers Through Polymer and Formulation Design