6 Series for Fibers & Nonwovens

The 6 series is designed for fiber processes from mono to multifilament as well as spunbond and meltblown products. Melting point ranges from 130°C to 170°C with amorphous to crystalline grades.


  • 6060D - Amorphous low melt for staple fiber/bico fiber sheath layer 3.5rv
  • 6100D - Designed for extrusion into mechanically drawn staple fibers or continuous filament, using conventional fiber spinning and drawing equipment.
  • 6202D - Staple fiber / spunbond for nonwovens, non-dyed fiber applications
  • 6252D - Designed for meltblown products using conventional as well as high pressure die meltblown equipment.
  • 6400D - Monofilament / BCF / Industrial multifilament products
  • 6500D - Softer feel for and improved tensile strength for spunbond nonwovens
  • 6752D - Sheath polymer for spunbond applications

Ingeo 6500D for Softer, Biobased Nonwoven Hygiene Applications

Ingeo 6500D offers a softer feel and improved tensile strength over general polylactic acid (PLA). This solution can be combined with our hydrophilic fibers coating technology, which delivers enhanced fluid management with improved strike-through, re-wet, and run-off for better comfort on skin.

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